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How Old Schoolers Stop E2


AI have not been around that long . How did the old school lifters prevent E2 conversion


proviron, tamoxifen, clomiphene...

lower dose cycles, used less drugs on cycle, shorter cycles...

but old school powerlifters and bodybuilders are not as strong, big or cut as what we have now, either....


Tons of DHT (Mast or Win), with tons of Deca. All the E2 they got was from 5mg DBol tabs for the most part.


Hi Tod:

Back in the day,the drug's where all legitimate,mostly rx by a general practicioner.This gynocomastia/Bitch tit's wasen't a worry,as thing's where administered in Rational moderate to High,but some what responsible usage.Nonaday's Kid's that barely hair hair on their testicles are using multiple drug's,and multiple drug's to cover every imaginable side affect.Delusional or what?. A body build by pharmacy only is a house of card's.Their is no foundation.

People are undisciplined and want immediate gratification.with little to no work? Drug's bring you up a knoch,but your genetic's and work ethic,plus nutritional lifestyle separates the cream from the pimply crop. Good question by friend yours truly john


I am a TRT person with low amounts used - but my E2 levels still go high


Wow so much bullshit in this post its unbelievable.


They probably didn't care to be honest. Especially in the powerlifting communities even today in power lifting world they are hardly ever used unless gyno pops up. Even at the highest level of lifters on some insane amount of drugs are not using them.


Hey STIFF,There was nothing Bullshit in my post except your limited ability.Fuck you


Todd:what do you consider high E-2/estrogen,and how is it affecting you negativrely.That's another thing,some estrogen is necessary to prevent osteoporosis.I am 54 and voiced my concern regarding e-2 to my endrocrinologist and that's the answer he gave me.Sounds o.k. to me.see ya john


You need to find a new doctor. Immediately.


My E2 was 62 ( range 15-42) I had ED and sensitive nipples