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How Old Is "Old"?

Hi everyone ,
Greetings from India

I’m doing 3 full body workouts a week ,and try to get in 3 cardio sessions (or 2 cardio and 1 of stretching)

So on 1 day, I do squats (3 sets ,with slightly more than my bodyweight on the bar, 20 -25 reps) s/s with lat pulldowns
2nd day, Deadlifts 3 sets of 12,6 and 3 reps(one each) s/s pull ups/chin ups
3rd day I end my workout with farmer’s walk with double my bodyweight for 2 sets of 25 yards each
All the 3 workouts have hypertrophy work also…

Of late I have started being more sore than usual in my mid to lower back region… Even stretching doesn’t help. And I can feel the discomfort even while walking leisurely.
I recently finished a short cycle of test prop and stana (frontloaded with sustanon 250)

What I want opinions on is whether I’m pushing myself harder than necessary.
I’m 32 years old… Been lifting for more than 14 years now (with breaks , unintentional and forced, have survived a stroke, overcome an addiction and dealing with bipolar)

Anyway, back to topic, I would want to keep lifting , till I’m old… Like grandpa age! I have obviously learnt that it’s better to exercise the body rather than the ego…
What are the basic requirements for longevity!! Short term goals like cutting or bulking aside…

I don’t know how to attach pics with the post , I would have shared my workout routine too

Imo longevity come from smart training like not maxing out every workout. Working with moderate weights, in high and moderate rep ranges. Also knowing when to listen to your body. I don’t know what your specific goals are (strength, size, being in good shape?) but there are smart ways to do them all. If being healthy and staying healthy are your goals work your muscles not the joints constantly. Do hard conditioning routines (sprints, carries, sled drags) keep cardio in check without running 5 miles a day and destroying your knees and ankles.

As far as how old is old?

I train different now (almost 35) then I did at 20 and I’d assume at age 40-45 I’ll train different then I do now. You just have to adapt as you go. I don’t expect at age 55 to be repping 315 on bench like I can now.

I’ll just write it down…
Box jumps 3x5
Squats 3 x 20-25 s/s lat pulldown 3x15
Clean n press 3x8
Curl of choice 3x12
Hanging leg raises 3x15
End with 50 push-ups (in as few sets as possible)

1 legged hip thrust 3x12
Deadlifts 3x (12,6,3) s/s pull ups x max (can do 7-5 with good form)
Seated calf raises 3x15
Standing calf raises 3x15
CGBP on decline 3x15
Chest supported rear db flyes 3x15
Walking lunges x50 (as few sets as possible)

Inverted rows 3 xmax
Parallel bar dips 3x12 s/s face pulls 3x15 (2 second hold)
Shrugs behind back 3x15/wide grip high pulls off a rack 3x5-7
RDL 3x 15
Seated rows (1 arm on chest supported machine) 3x15
Trap bar farmer’s walk total 50 yes(I attempt it with twice my bodyweight)

You suffered a stroke in your 30’s was that related to lifting or cycling(recreational use of Testosterone and or aas not riding a bike, haha)

I’m 65 so I could qualify as a grandpa oh wait I am a grandpa of a 5 and 8 year old.
I’m always into Muscle hypertrophy I only workout a large muscle group once a week.
Naturally your arms get hit anytime you are working upper body. This has allowed me to not only hold but gain even at my age. I do two blasts a years one in Spring and one in Fall. I don’t do any aas do to how badly they fuckup your liver. A 30 year old liver can take a lot more abuse than a 60 year old one and I want to fuckup my liver with partying not deca. I do play with insulin and GH but I don’t know enough to offer any advice yet.

It has been my experience watching the guys come and go from the gym over the last 45 years most 20 somethings that get into lifting are burned out by 35 and they quit. Like any hobby it runs its course.

Very simple.

Train intelligent and listen to your body. Don’t max out everyday and do dumb stuff like that.

You could honestly run a program like 5/3/1 for the rest of your life.

I had the stroke at age 23!
I was a heavy smojer

Such a pessimistic question.

Old is dead.

As long as you’re alive, you’re as young as you think you are. But you have to be realistic.

My 93 year old grandmother still kicks ass and drives a car every day. She can out walk a lot of the fat asses on this website.

You beat yourself up, and it’s going to hurt earlier than if you had trained smartly. If you dont know how to train smart, start researching. Paul Carter has some good advice and programs to help 35 somethings that are confused on middle aged training individuals that have a lot of responsibilities.

Take care of yourself and you can do this stuff in some capacity until you die.

My grandmother kicks ass.


Like Nutty said I’d try 5/3/1. There’s absoluely no question that you can, in fact, continue to get strong and stay strong as you get older, but from what I’ve read by Jim Wendler, Dan John, etc. making sure your mobility and conditioning are taken care of as you age is extremely important.

Do mobility every single day. Maybe multiple times a day. Do Joe DeFranco’s Agile 8 routine.

Do a 5/3/1 program. There’s several on this website, and Jim Wendler has 4 books for sale on his website. Pick one that looks good. You have practically limitless variations of it.

Do some conditioning. Easy conditioning 3-7 days a week (walking, cycling) and hard conditioning 2-4 days a week (hill sprints, sled/Prowler work). And those are just estimates - you can do more or less.

Take care of yourself and you’ll be fine. Be well rounded. Christian Thibadeau always says watch the volume if you’re a natural lifter…no clue if that’s accurate or not but something to keep in mind.

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