How Old is Humanity?

"In 1975 Dr Stanley Rhine of the University of New Mexico announced the discovery of footprints human in appearance in strata estimated to be 40 million years old. Similar discoveries were made in Kenton, Oklahoma and in Wisconsin.

Steiger, author of Worlds Before Our Own, relates yet another instance, an engineer called Johnson found footprints in an ancient sandstone near Tulsa. Johnson had had to remove earth and roots to uncover the fossils which evidently were human-like, and which were impressed in a block of sandstone weighing about 15 tons.

The largest and clearest tracks yet discovered were found in 1973. The footprints were described as 21 inches long, eight inches wide. and five inches across the instep. The creature’s stride was seven feet. The impressions are in the same layer of rock as tracks of the anatosaur, a duck-billed dinosaur. Steiger comments:

If the tracks are accepted as human, then scientists will be forced either to place man back in time to the Cretaceous period or to bring the dinosaurs forward to the Pleistocene period."

Well, anyone who’s seen the documentary “The Flinstones” knows damn well that humans and dinosaurs lived together and got along quite well.

Even Jesus rode one everywhere he went:


Not very old.

Read an evolution text book.

That site seems a bit sketchy. Somebody put a TON of time into it though. There is like 20+ pages for each topic.

Not so sure I’d buy into much of it though. It is only trying to prove the Bible is right.


There is a very simple explanation for all of this:

Temporal tourists from the future.

The first rule of the fight club…

…wait, what?

I like to think it has something to do with Turok.

not very

this site is a complete joke.

do they really expect people to beleive early humans had atomic bombs?

[quote]relentless2120 wrote:
this site is a complete joke.

do they really expect people to beleive early humans had atomic bombs?[/quote]

of course, it killed the dinosaurs