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How Often Would You Cut?


How often would you do a big (10+ pounds) cut?

I've gotten my getting down from my walking-around weight of 186ish to 170 pretty good: it's not hard or terribly uncomfortable. I also know that a lot of HS/College Wrestlers cut all the time.

I'm not asking about how often you can do a cut without causing serious damage, I'm asking about as someone who is not a pro (getting paid for this), and who is interested in general health in addition to being competitive at an amateur level.

I ask because I've done this cut twice in the last month, and I can feel it catching up to me. I'm thinking Mid-Aug at the earliest before I'd want to do it again. But I'd like to hear recommendations at to number of times a year/frequency for general health.



As long as you rehydrate properly I wouldn't really worry about it. I was never really worried about frequency, only coming down in weight comfortably, hydrating properly, and getting a good meal after the weigh in.


How much weight are you talking may I ask?


most college wrestlers worth a shit will do it twice a week.

I did it 2x a week- 8-12 lbs and I was a sub 150lb athlete

cut to 130 or 125 and 'walked around' at 138 to 140
for bigger tournaments til I couldnt I would cut to 118.5 or 119.5

you feel like shit and all I can say is you just get over it.
now that might have been extreme- and certainly not healthy-
but that is what I needed to do to start and win.


As long as I need to in order to take away this pain.


which pain is that?


joke get it cut as in cutting myself emo hardy har har...


haha you got me-

really I say the stuff about cutting - to take away the stigma.

make it so it is something that doesn't disrupt your training
or your performance- or your health.

have you thought about hiring a dietitian nutritionist or maybe beter
a paid figt or bodybuilding online consultant


Matt Kroc has a good article/book about it, it's worth taking a look.


10 pounds.