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How Often to Workout to Improve Cardio?

Maybe a really basic question, but how often should you work out to improve cardio/conditioning? I work at home so I can train whenever I like.

What kinda cardio? What’s your goal?

It depends. WIthout much of a base and just for general fitness 2x a week is an okay place to start. Some walking on top of that.

once a week is fine as a minimum as long as you’re pushing yourself.

If can workout ‘whenever’ this will give you sky high conditioning. Also check out his logs here under Alpha…

My weekly routine for the past few years has been 3 full body weights work outs and 2 to 3 sessions of escrima/jkd. A few months back I started training thai boxing 2 times a week and its a lot more intense than my previous martial arts. I’m finding my fitness is lacking when it comes to sparring and I was thinking about doing a few extra sessions each week, maybe something like one of Ross Enamait’s short conditioning work outs.

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If you are focused on fight-related conditioning, then take a look at Joel Jamieson’s work. He’s worked with a lot of pro MMA fighters including Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson.