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How Often to Use HCG and Preserve Fertility?

I haven’t had the best reaction to HCG and am still fighting high E2. My girlfriend and I talked last night about how she may want to have kids someday without having frozen sperm shot into her. And how she does like me having balls.

What’s the bare minimum you’ve gotten away using HCG to prevent permanent lose of fertility, and to keep decent sized balls?

You asking a question that is going to be different for everyone, if you’re fighting side effects, lower the dosage and inject smaller doses more frequently.

I would inject small doses 250iu EOD.

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Can confirm. Still have balls not using HCG…

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How long have you been on TRT?

TRT patients have successfully conceived taking 700-750IU hCG per week. Injections would be 350 twice a week or 250 three times a week. Testicular size is also maintained.

That’s about what I was taking, and it kept messing with my blood pressure and raising my already high E2. I have no interest in conceiving anytime soon, and would actually prefer to be less fertile for the next few years.

3 years

A member told me that he had been on Test only for 12 years, and just added in some HCG and was able to have kids, he has multiple.


Wonder how common this is.

In my original Defy consultation I did ask, and they said they could switch me to Clomid for a while and I should regain fertility.

How many guys really lose more than like 25% of their ball size?

Oh my balls are definitely smaller.

(honestly I don’t give a shit, and neither does my wife)

But I already had some minor shrinkage from what caused me to be on TRT. Went through the balls aching. It sucked, but got over it… Not everyone has those issues either.


I’ve read here and there about some guys who inject HCG once a month too just to remind their balls to do something, ha. Might consider that. Gonna bring it up during my 3 month with Dr Saya and see what he thinks.


Then you can hold off on the hCG. I’d use it every year for about six weeks until ready to conceive, but you do not have to do so.

I love HCG been taking it for just over 6 years nonstop. But I do not or would not take it for fertility.
When it is time to make a baby go off TRT and use the drugs Defy recommends to bring your natural sperm count back up. You don’t need a TT of 1000 to make the proper amount of quality sperm. When she tells you she is pregnant go back on TRT.
I only take HCG because of the pain I was getting without it. I also don’t care about any of the other reasons.


Seems also I will need TRT and I’m really concerned about fertility.
I made seamen analysis and it says the count of motile spermatozoids is reduced and classified as astenozoospermia.

Some doctors looked and it and said I’m still completely fertile, but Im worried if I need to go TRT. To be honest If TRT was not reducing fertility I would start it right away now.

quote: What is the meaning of Asthenoteratozoospermia?

Noun. asthenoteratozoospermia (uncountable) (pathology) A condition in which the motility and morphology of the sperm are both abnormal. /quote

Sounds like you won’t be able to make a baby right now. TRT will only make your situation worse, not better. You need to decide muscles at the gym or a future baby.

Its asthenozoospermia - Asthenozoospermia (or asthenospermia ) is the medical term for reduced sperm motility.

A fee doctors told me still Im perfectly fertile, but the percentage of motile sperm is reduced to 30 percent and the normal border being like 40 or something like that

But still it worries me a bit to go on TRT and seems I need it to resolve my symptoms

Muscles are the last thing I give a a shit now

this is hard question to ask someone to decide. We all want our bodies to look good but picking that over bringing life into the world is not east to decide plus it takes two people to make that decision not just one you have to think about your significant other as well. Thats the hardest thing about TRT is that it does not just effect us but it effects out love ones as well

There’s a ton of people on TRT that had kids unexpectedly. My two friends both had it happen and they don’t use hcg. @physiolojik stated not to use hcg until ready to conceive for the best effective use (for fertility, people use hcg for other reasons too).

I’m not picking on you here, I know English is a second language for you so I just want to let you know this. Seaman are men who work on boats, as in sailors. Semen is the white stuff that you are having analyzed by a lab.