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How Often to Sprint?


I train judo and i do 3 lifting sessions a week. i would like to add sprints to that, not to lose fat rather to get faster (30-60 m sprints)and i was wondering how often should i do them?


Not that simple.

If you your goal is to get faster (at what? 100m? marathon?) then get on a running program.


i wanna increase my max speed, that's why im planning to run short distances with 3-5 min rest between rounds. basically it would look like this: 2 sets of 5 sprints, rest 3-5 min between sprints and 10 min pause between 1st and 2nd set. and only thing i havent figured out is how often to sprint, 2,3,4 times a week?


What you are suggesting is not bad. If you want to actually get faster then you would be amazed at what low volume is required. Less is more when it comes to sprinting.
Two times per week is optimal for most, depending on how fast you are. If you are slow as molasses then sprint 3 times/week, as you will recover easily from the low output.
For a sprint session I would recommend: (2-3x30m) x 2 with the rest times you have suggested. Each week add 10m to the distance untill you have worked up to 2 sets of 3 x 60m, with 6mins rest between reps & 10 mins between sets. Twice a week should be optimal.
Do the speed work on the days you lift, preferably before your lifting session.


I guess Tabatas are what you might like.


Sorry, but for me, your goal is way to vague to give you an answer.

Start with 2 times a week and go from there?


You do not improve max speed by sprinting alone. You do so in the weight room.


Doing a dozen of short sprints a few times a week is fine.
But,I believe you would hit a ceiling after a month or two.

so,aim also to get this requirements done=

1.body fat under 10 %

2.400 m under one minute

3.double bodyweight deep squat


Why do you want to get faster? you don't run when you fight. If it's just for the sake of running then fine.

If it's for gaining an advantage in most sports, then other things would help more than sprinting such as agility drills. Jumping rope, and practicing pushing off of your legs.



because sprinting is one of the best exercises to train the anaerobic system and any-time you use any explosive movement you are using the anaerobic system.

For a boxer to open up combinations at speed is using the anaerobic system, for a boxer to do sprint intervals would increase their ability to punch hard and fast, for how long they can punch, how quickly they recover to do it again.

The same would be true of any "explosive" movements in Judo that require you to use a lot of power.

On top of it training the anaerobic system sprinting will increase the strength of your muscles, tendons, it saturates your body with chemicals which allow your muscles to contract and release faster, it creates massive obliques and abs, and builds up the calves and legs a lot.

Sprinting will give you strength and endurance in your legs that will directly cross over into your ability to wrestle.

I said it before and I'll say it again, sprinting will also give you a clear idea of what muscular imbalances you have. If your quads and hamstrings have an imbalance you will notice, if your abs are weak compared to your legs you will notice, these weaknesses will scream out at you.

Not to mention how well a person functions during heavy exertion. If you sprint until you are pouring sweat, about to puke and pass out, about to black out, and you commonly do this, chances are your going to be fighting in situations where you are so gassed most people would be puking or passing out, you will recover from exertion super fast.

the idea that running only improves running is an ignorant idea.


lol I won't say this is the dumbest shit I ever heard, only because you have no concept of my post.

1) Usain Bolt isn't going to switch to Boxing to pull in $40 million a fight.
2) No Heavy Handed Boxer in the history of Boxing attributed their punching power to sprints. Most didn't even do sprints.
3) Toughness in one sport doesn't automatically mean toughness in another.
4)Most true sprints don't last longer than 30seconds. Fighting sports last 10x longer than this if not more. Just because you have the conditioning for a sprint doesn't mean you have conditioning for a fight. Football players run hundreds of sprints in practice and well tell you in the minute when switching sports that they are not in condition for that sport if they haven't been doing it all season.

Now back to MY post. MY QUESTION WAS WHY? Nothing you said helps his original question which was to get FASTER. Training to get Faster and Training to be in condition are 2 almost totally different things. Now trying to get faster in a race, and trying to have a quicker attack are 2 totally different things. There are possible 3 different things he's training for which would drastically change his program.


Airtruth- you are wrong and Ironclaws is right. I could go into all the physiological and biological reasoning as to why this is the case, but I see from your response to his post, this would be pointless exercise and a complete waste of my time.


[quote]Airtruth wrote:
Why do you want to get faster? you don’t run when you fight. If it’s just for the sake of running then fine.

If it’s for gaining an advantage in most sports, then other things would help more than sprinting such as agility drills. Jumping rope, and practicing pushing off of your legs.[/quote]

Dependin on how OP’s club operates, he is already doing agility drills.

With that said:

OP do agility drills also. Don’t focus on sprinting too much because it will only help so much. In my sprinting session I warm up, do 2-3 400m sprints, and then I do fotwork and agility drills focused on accuracy, but gradually scaling up the speed. I don’t know what kind of foot work drills you may be familiar with for judo. Right natural tai otoshi -> Left natural tai otoshi is a seqeunce I use a lot, along with basic stuff like side to sides and grapevines. Moving uchikomi for most throws will work well, make sure to do left and right side uchikomi so you don’t get dizzy and of course focus on accurate movement, increase speed only when you can maintain accuracy.


Sprinting is badass and should always be included in any program.


I depends on how fast you recover. You may be able to sprint 2-3 times a week or 2-3 times a month. If you are sprinting with good form you will be putting a lot of force through your body and into the ground and that puts a ton of stress on the entire body. A good rule is to only sprint when you feel good. If you feel springing, bouncy, and energetic with no pain in your posterior chain you are likely good to go.

You don’t want make a set schedule for sprinting when you don’t know how your body will react to sprinting. Don’t follow a set schedule. Listen to your body.