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How Often to Get Bloodwork?

I see the response of get your blood work done when people talk about thinking they are having high E side effects. How often should you be getting your blood work done or how often is too often?

I’m on my first cycle currently. I’m getting e tested every Monday. I found a lab that costs $34 for this test. The test is actually estradiol ultra sensitive. I’ve had estrogenic side effects in the past, so for me why not get the test until I’m comfortable with my protocol. I’ll get a fuller panel of labs on week 8 probably. Good luck man.

Are you asking in relation to on cycle or just in general?
Really you can’t do it too much because you are doing it to keep your health in check. Now you can go past what most would do but fuck what the group thinks it’s your body and life.

Now in regards to cycling. You should absolutely get pre and post blood work. Pre is obviously before and for post I would say and this is if you are just getting one then about two months after PCT has ended, to make sure your natural production is up and at least within reason. Within reason is relative for everyone.
Now if you have to funds and your willing, and I say good for you if you do this, then get some mid cycle blood work just to make sure everything is ok with you. When and all that is really specific to you and your cycle. Like if you blast a bunch of orals at the beginning of the cycle then a month after those are done you want to add in some tren ace, then get the blood work before the tren so you know you are at least marginally ok in regards to the stress tren will put on your body.
I know this is probably not the answer you wanted because it probably made more questions but it’s the best thought process I could lay out for the question.

I myself blast and cruise. I am also a veteran and I can get free blood work if I say I have trouble sleeping (I use that regularly). I get it done on average twice a year usually within a month before a blast. A blast is usually around 12 weeks so by the time everything would be back to a place where I want to verify it being back then it’s about 2 months prior to the next blast so I wait a month. I make sure I am good and within my acceptable level then blast. I have gotten it done during a blast and really my good cholesterol was a bit lower and my bad was a bit higher. The bad was a couple of numbers above the acceptable range. Then my liver values have always been just above the “window” weather I was cycling or not. They were up there well before I started cycling.

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You’re getting you’re oestrogen tested every week… Why? That’s probably the least important variable to test

Renal function
BNP+ hs CRP (CRP not important, but it’d be good to get it tested prior to cycle as it’s a good indicator in relation too long term cardiovascular risk…) BNP merely indicates (if elevated) the presence/development of dilated cardiomyopathy/CHF as concentrations of the peptide increase in response to the stretching of cardiac myocytes if I’m not mistaken.

These are variables that actually pertain signifigance

Yes that’s correct

righteous thanks man