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How often to eat?

Many of us (myself included) eat upwards of 8 meals a day. Currently I eat at…

7:15 - breakfast
9:45 - small snack, like a protein bar or 1/2 an MRP
12:40 - lunch = sandwich
2:30 - pre-WO snack (1/2 an mrp or so)
3:45 (PWO)
5:00 - oatmeal and whey
7:30 - dinner, meat and veggies
9:30 - cottage cheese and pb

I always go by the golden 3 hour rule… meaning if I haven’t eaten SOMETHING (even if it’s only about 100-150cals) then I’m going into catabolism.

So, how long does it ACTUALLY take? Does it depend on how large a meal you have eaten prior? Does it depend on what kind of activities you’re partaking in? (I’m sitting around in school all day, so I’m lucky I suppose)

How often do YOU try to get your meals in? And… what would you suggest someone like me, a student, try to do?

You’re doing fine. There is no magic time limit that pushes you into catabolism. In other words, you’re not going to start shrinking by the minute if you cross the three hour limit. Just keep shoveling it in every two to three hours, and don’t agonize if you deviate from this once in a while. Don’t make it a habit by any means, but don’t let it ruin your day if and when it happens.