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how often to do arnold's 50 pullup program

hi guys just want to know how often to do that pullup program a week .i found out all the details of that program in muscle and fitness except for the frequency of the program.currently i can do 11 pullups and hope to reach 20 with ther program.are there any guys out there who have used the program before?

I have used this program before. I remember reading his encyclopedia where he made someone try his routine. Some reporter or someone tried to get to 50 with however many sets he could. He eventually got to 50 by the 20th set i think lol. Anyway, I’ve done this program for about half a year (about a year ago), using wide grip always. I could never really get too far past 10 reps, so always needed 5-8 sets to complete 50 total. I would recommend this program because it worked for me. My back measurement increased, and my bench improved. Also, my lats flared out when flexed them. I think it was worth it. It just took tremendous willpower to stay with this very demanding workout.

believe it or not, i did that same program a few times, like, 10 years ago. i think i could only get to 30 or so, after a bunch of sets. if i was you, and really wanted to incorporate that program, albiet right or wrong principle of training, do as many sets as you could to reach at a max of 50 reps, but if you get to a set to where you can only peform, say 1-2 reps, stop there and count on inproving next time. (say, if you only get 36 reps total this time, shoot for 38-39 total next time)… don’t burn up your biceps to do it !!.. p.s., i think arnie suggests strapping weight on yerself if you get up to 15 reps in one set.

Most here won’t look at or at least be seen looking at a M&F. Could you summarize the article and post it here. The most progress I have ever had was with a timed strategy that had me setting a goal, 20 in your case, doubling it, and doing it in equal divided sets. Start at every tick of the 12 on the second hand and do sets 3 for 13 sets. If that is easy, move to 10 sets of 4. If and when that is easy, 8 sets of 5, and so on. That is just one approach. You could do the above approach with a set weight rep goal, but alternate training days between unweighted and weighted. Whatever you do, plan your progression. “X sets till faiure” or do as many as you can, wait X time and do as many as you can COULD work, but is to open for variables.

I read about this program years ago but never really tried it. Jay, I’ll summarize it in a few words for you. Do 50 reps of wide grip pullups. Doesn’t matter if it’s in 3 sets or 30 sets. Just do it until you hit 50.

I’ve done this system before, it’s pretty effective. The only thing that bothers me about it is the technical breakdown that inevitably occurs in the later sets. I’m borrowing these thoughts from Coach Staley, but I think they make excellent sense. In fact, the example he uses was for someone in pretty much the same situation as you.

Take someone who maxes out at say, 10 chinups, like yourself. People looking to up their chinup count usually adapt one of two strategies, they either hold their sets static and look to increase reps within the sets each workouts, or they shoot for a fixed amount of reps per workout, irregardless of how many sets it takes to accomplish it. I think both of these ideas have some utility, but consider this: How is the technical (ie, form) component of the lift holding up over time? Are the last reps looking like the first? Oftentimes not. People are so desperate to increase the reps from last time, they contort their body to any degree possible to achieve the rep.

Enter the concept of cluster training. Rather than going to technical failure each set, a person with a ten rep chinup max would start by doing clusters of say… 2-3 reps. This way, rather than going balls-to-the-wall the first set and introducing fatigue (with a greater chance for technical breakdown), you’re able to stay fresh. Adopting this principle, you could apply it toward a fixed rep count, provided you terminated your work when your technique started breaking down, which may be before 50 reps. My main point, I suppose, is to emphasize quality work, not just work.

Another thing to consider is that muscular endurance is a function of absolute strength, so you’ll probably want to look to do some maximal training. 5x5 and 1/6 principles applied to weighted chinups allowed me to go from a 15 chinup max to 25 in about 10 weeks.

well the details of the program is do as many sets of pullups as you can to reach 50 and when you are able t do 12 in your first set, add about enough weight to make your future first set about 8-10.repeat the above for when you can do 12 for that amount and so on.i am doing it on a daily basis so do dudes think it will work better?

Short and simple: Try alternating periods of intensification phases (5-8 sets per exercise of 1-6 reps [See Poliquin’s ‘Maximal Weights’ article here at Tmag]) for 6 workouts with accumulation phases (2-4 sets of 8-12 reps) for 6 workouts, slightly modifying your grip with each change. ie, going from supinated to parallel grip, or whatever. I think that’ll drive up your chin faster, particularly if you specialize on it by lowering the volume on the rest of your body. The 1/6 Principle and Wave Loading worked wonders for me.

The term practice makes perfect doesnt always relate to training. Once a day every day is way too much, try 2 or 3 times a week. Im guessing that was the Muscle & Fiction talking? :slight_smile:

Muscle and Fiction?? OMG!!! That was a great one. With whatever approach you use for chins, everyday is not a good idea. I’ll qualify that statement with a volume tag. Say you are doing your volume work on Monday, Tuesday, if you have access to a chin bar, ripping off a half dozen in perfect form just because you can will be beneficial. Deccide what your program is going to be, stick to it and test before and after. Let us know.

That term has been kicked around by the T-mag staff before,wish I thought of it though.To take this thread further, how would one train for a one armed pull-up? I’ve tried doing one arm negatives with weight, but still Im unsuccesful. I think it would be a great demonstration of ones strength.

Sounds a lot like EDT to me. Perhaps it might work better if you set a time limit in which to maximise reps (as in EDT) rather than a specific rep target.