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How Often Should You Lift?


I just have a quick question.how often should I workout to build muscle.I move furniture for about 8hrs a day but before work I workout for about an hour.id like to workout everyday but I know rest plays a key role in gains


It’s all a balancing act, man. You can grow on 3 days or 6 days a week. Just depends on the below.

If frequency is high, then volume should be low.

If volume is high, then frequency can decrease.

Once the above is sorted out, maintain intensity on every rep and set.

I personally workout six or so days a week, but I don’t do more than 3 exercises for 15-18 sets. Others lift 3 days a week and will do twice as many working sets.


I knew a guy like you but insert construction work for moving furniture. He told me he ate ten hard boiled eggs a day on top of eating what other people would consider normal meat consumption. He was in great shape, BTW.

My advice for you would be to consider your job to be your volume and cardio work and focus on heavy sets with long rest periods. That way you’ve stimulated your muscles and nervous system without wearing them out before going to work. If you over do it at the gym, your body will have the wrong biochemical reactions. Your life already has enough hypertrophy.

And since you want to work out every day, you want to keep your different days for different muscles spread out, so you could do 8 sets of three reps. If Mondays and Thursdays are your “pressing days” (for example), 8 sets of three reps on the bench would take about a half an hour, assuming my own rest periods. Then you do some shoulders and triceps and your hour is done. Then Tuesdays and Fridays are your back and biceps, and your Wednesdays and Saturdays are your legs.


Find a program from a good coach that fits your goals. (BB, PL, Crossfit etc…).

Follow that program.


In your situation I would say 2-3 times a week. 4 absolute max.

Also you should have at least one whole day off from excercise both work and gym related


Thanks for the feedback.i was thinking working out Monday and Tuesday and rest on Wednesday then back at it Thursday and Friday then do nothing at all on Saturday


i like 3-4 days/week templates for anyone, but particularly beginners. Anything more is so hard to maintain, and make consistent progress with.


I used to train 2hours/day 6days/week for bodybuilding and fat loss, and besides it I didn’t did any work on my days… Now I started to do some construction work, and as a result for trying to keep my 6days workout I just needed to eat a TON, and in a month I got 4kgs fatter.
I had to adjust and now I go to the gym day yes/day no, my workout is intense and only lasts 45min. I had to cut most of the exercices of isolation and kept the Compound movements.