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How Often Should I Squat?


I currently squat only twice a week, but I think I would benefit from increasing the frequency. How often is too much though? I do 3 sets of 10 whenever I work out legs. I am trying to gain about 15 lbs to get where I want to be. What would be the ideal frequency?


do one day high reps, (10 - 15), and another day low (4-6). problem solved


From the Hungarian oak leg blast the best way to workout legs is to have multiple frequency not just 3x10. Eat more to gain more weight and continue to lift heavy.


I agree with this. It is working well for my leg development. I have a light day where I do stiff leg deadlifts and leg Press(both high reps). Then another day where I squat heavy(6x4) and rack deadlift(1x8,1x6,1x4,1x2). Of course I have other stuff during those days, but those are the meat exercises.


I go 3 times a week, alternating between heavy and light-ish

Not done me any harm


I think I will try that mikex101.


I squat 90% of my gym sessions. I go every other day of the week. One day is heavy squats and the other is heavy deadlifts. On deadlift day I do higher rep squats afterwards. On heavy squat day i also finish up with leg presses and/or some extensions. I like to keep my legs busy every workout.


How much do you weigh, how tall are you, how many days a week do you lift, is it only for bodybuilding purposes or are you training for a sport, and are you making steady gains right now?


I can't believe no one asked this yet... How often do you go to the gym?

If your doing a full body 3x per week type routine, then squatting every time would be great (I personally do this type of routine and have nothing but good things to say about it). If your doing a split and are in the gym 5-6 days a week, then squatting every day probably wouldn't be the best route to take.

I also agree with what most are saying in regards to heavy and lighter days... I also switch between front and back squats on a very regular basis.

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I am 6'1 185 lbs and I lift 3 to 4 times a week.


I think squatting every time is great as well (one day rest in between, at least). I personally do 5x5 routine 3x week. Most effective routine I have ever done. Lost 20lbs quick and I have gotten stronger than ever.


You're a toothpick. How about once a week, but really fuckin' heavy?


Without knowing what else your doing this is hard to answer.....

do you do dead lifts, cleans, lunges, front squats? all those contribute little pieces to the information pie.


That mentality will work for smaller muscle groups like Arms, Shoulders, and Chest but the Legs, Back, Traps, Calves, and Abs need more frequency than once a week. You could conceivably squat only once a week but there should be another day of the week where you're doing Lunges, RDLs, Sled Dragging, or something else that involves the legs and lets you use respectable weight.


Just do west side for skinny bastards, or abbh2 or some other program which is good for beginners.

IF you don't choose to do that, depending on what youre doing you need to hit legs at least twice-3 times. Not necessarily squatting, but at least hit your legs.

You said you do total body 3 times a week. One day go heavy squatting and medium weight pullthoughs, take it easy on upper body. The next day do lunches or some other unilateral movement in the 8-12 range followed by heavier rdls, the next workout do light weight stuff in the 10-15 range, or dynamic work. Do leg curls and then go heavy on upperbody this day.

Have one medium, one heavy, one light day for upper/lower body. On the heavy day for one go light on the other, and have a higher volume lighter weight day in the middle so you aren't raping your recovery.


Only twice a week?

If your weights are going up and you are eating enough to get heavier, you are squatting enough.

3 sets of 10 sounds like a pretty precise workout to me, try jacking up the effort and just worry about getting stronger.




You might want to look up Stripped Down Hypertrophy which has you squatting up to 3x a week w/ different rep schemes. Also, HSS-100 for quads might be what you're looking for:



I started out squatting three times a week, and I really like the light one day, heavy another day scheme. Right now, I'm doing one day heavy front squats, another day, repetition split squats.


Squat heavy!! Your to worried about rep schemes and how much frequency etc...

Lift Heavy Shit + Eat alot=Grow