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How Often Should I Lift?


ok so im trying to gain some weight, per my last forum post of trying to get clean calories. Now my question is in this stage of trying to gain weight since im at 168 and my height is 6'2 how often should i be training? Any advise is welcome.


584.315354436 times per day.

Are you an athlete? Looking to be a bodybuilder? Wanting to get stronger?

Athlete- 5/3/1 or WS4SB
Bodybuilding- Do This routine instead of that dumb one (search for it)
Stronger- SS or 5/3/1



looking to gain weight while getting stronger


Then I answered your question.


follow an established program as mentioned above or a sensible split built around the basic lifts.

those programs will tell you what you need to know re: frequency.

when you become more advanced and follow a split around your own weaknesses and priorities, your recovery, the weight on the bar, the scale, measurements and the mirror will tell you how often you need to train a bodypart.


I would add Stronglifts 5X5 to the aforementioned programs (It's the one I used). But to gain weight while getting stronger diet is extremely important. Do you have that covered?


Well, you can not get bigger and gain weight without getting stronger. as long as your eating enough. It is possible to get stronger and not bigger, if all you do is really low reps 1-4. but to gain size, you have to do more weight. 6-12 reps.


Such a broad question... haha I'm assuming you haven't read the beginner stickies because they answer those questions. Use search function


Anywhere from three to five days per week, depending on several factors.

Since you have an active job that already burns a lot of calories, you might also want to consider a lower volume/higher intensity type of plan.

As was discussed in your previous thread, this will have much more to do with how you eat, rather than how you train.

In the last two weeks, how much bodyweight have you gained?

Fixed and clarified.

You can definitely gain straight-out "bodyweight" without getting stronger or improving in the gym. But progressing in the gym is one of the indicators that you're adding muscle, not just bodyfat. If the scale starts going up but you're not improving in most of your lifts, then your training probably needs tweaking.


sweet ya that 5/3/1 plan looks incredible, and since im pretty sure there is no plan on the planet that would give my body type fast gains it looks like it would do what i want. and it gives my body time to take in more calories also. now i just need to get a list of supplements that will help me along the way


List of supplements you need:
Lots of food, preferably lots of lean protein, carbs like rice and oatmeal , and healthy fats
If you want to take supplements anyway, I'd buy some quality whey protein and creatine


Sorry I meant lots of lean meat, like chicken, fish and lean cuts of beef


This. Definitely.

You're a tall, very skinny dude with an active day job. Your priorities need to be: 1 - Food. 2 - Training. 3 - Supplements.

These should help get your nutrition in line: