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How Often Should a Beginner Train?

Hi everyone.

How often should I train each muscle? Can I do cardio and weight training the same day?

Thanks for your help!

How often will you go to the gym?

What do you enjoy (more) - cardio or weights?

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1-3 times a week


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If staying motivated is the likely challenge, I’d recommend starting at the low end of the number of days you think you’d commit.

I hate cardio, too; I think it’s wise, in this case, to “sneak” it in.

In terms of practical recommendations, I’d likely lift 3x a week if I were you. You could do either push, pull, legs or full body; landing in the 1-3x frequency @j4gga2 just mentioned.
For cardio, I’ll often do 10-15 minutes before and after my lifting. You get your weekly totals in that way, but no single session is just a cardio grind.


Back in the day we were training our team five times per week off season and three times during game weeks. 90% of the team was clueless of strength yet made better progress on three a weeks despite games and intense practice. We determined that being off during season was best

It depend ur motivation and system nervous, step by step improve ur system with reason and listen ur body.

Now i training full body bc of lockdown, 3* by week, 7 exercices or 4 exercices depend of my mood.
And one training for arms or even 2/3 time by week, when is rest day.

Run i like a off day for that, 50 minute.

Abs off day also and plank

So hope to u, but if u training 5 time or 6 split correctly and enough rest, enough food, u will get more faster results that 3 training of course depend also of ur genetic but in general more u training more u will get a good return

It depends on your goal and abilities. I train three times a week, plus activity every day. I include exercise in my morning routine too. Three times a week is best for me if more than that, I get tired. I am thinking of going up to four days a week soon.

For 3 x pw I’d probably recommend full body - as per above.

I moved away from full body when my circumstances allowed and now do Push, Pull, Legs, Rest, Push and Pull.

Listen to your body and rest when you need to. I ended up messing up my elbow and having to have a few weeks with limited benching etc as a result.


there’s also some great articles here for beginners here, helped me out a tonne and still do*

I’m a big fan of the classic 3-day full body workout in general. That means for most people, I think that it would work best and isn’t just for beginners. I’ve been training over 15 years and now do just 3 full body workouts a week. I like the efficiency of them and getting the most “bang for my buck”. I also don’t have to worry about forgetting to train certain muscle groups due to missing a session like I would if I were running a body part split.

Honestly though, unless you are playing a sport or training for something specific, any workout program or split will work provided it follows the basic principles of progressive overload and you’re consistent with it. Train the way you like.

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When I started I pounded out 5 days a week of heavy lifting in the 4-6 rep range. I discovered pretty quickly that was too much for my body.

Now I do a 4 day upper lower split, then deload, then switch to 3 days per week, deload and repeat starting back at 4. Seems to work pretty well for me. I make adjustments to my intensity based on my calorie consumption, but otherwise the structure remains pretty much the same.