How Often is HCG a Problem? What Can it Cause?

I briefly started TRT without HCG, and noticed a tremendous increase in libido and confidence.

I added HCG, but as some of you know, stupidly decided to mess with my E2 at the same time. I feel like I was more cool and collected (and able to control my emotions/actions extremely well) before HCG, but more euphoric and ramped up (not more energy per say, but like you might feel from amphetamines) on it. Possibly more anxious too.

In fact, on T alone, I reached this mental state I had never felt before, where I was just naturally confident, in control of myself, not anxious, and feeling just “right.” My girlfriend absolutely loved me during that period. All the time I’d spent over the years in therapy and working on myself became irrelevant, as everything just seemed natural.

I’m just curious, do most guys like HCG? For those who don’t, what are the downsides, aside from an increased risk of elevated E2?

Fertility now is of no concern, but might be in 5-10 years. Maybe never even (I’m almost 35 already and have never really wanted kids).

How long did you stick with any given protocol?

What was your dosage?

Some guys do not tolerate HCG at all, but I couldn’t tell you if you’re one of them without having answers to the above questions.

Not long. A couple weeks on T cyp alone, and the last 1.5 weeks with HCG.

I’m tempted to just do T alone until the end of July and then add HCG and compare.

You haven’t been doing anything long enough to tell anything.

A protocol takes at least 6-8 weeks to stabilize.


Yes. Leave everything but test alone until you get the dose of that figured out. Then you can experiment with other compounds.

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That said, how many guys like/don’t like HCG in general? What do they notice either way (besides bigger balls, more semen, or gyno)?

I’d say from my reading that it’s about a 50/50 split.

Most that don’t like it just notice feeling “off” in general. The benefits are really just maintaining fertility and preventing atrophy, which a lot of guys don’t experience anyway.

There is some research pointing to elevated levels of LH (which is what HCG does) being beneficial for adrenal and brain functions too.

Gyno takes an elevated prolactin, along with a severely elevated E2 for a year or so. Even then, some say that you have to be genetically prone to gyno as well. I couldn’t say for sure.

You’re more than likely going to feel off even with just test until you stick with it consistently and long enough to stabilize.

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I really think for me it ramped up my adrenals. When I was on it I always felt “on” if that makes sense like almost always in a fight or flight mode but not as extreme. I think that’s why it raised my bp and resting heart rate.


It made zero difference for me, other than my balls got back to full size.

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I got gyno with an E2 of 11 pg/mL. Needless to say it wasn’t caused by the E2. The E2 was just a number I happened to be measuring and one that every told me was the equivalent of the boogyman. I know better now.

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Do you have surgery to have it removed? Or do you still have it?

If my balls started pulling up and aching a little on just T, is that any indicator that I’ll experience atrophy?

This is EXACTLY how I’ve been feeling. It’s fun, but in a too much adderall sort of way. Not like just T where I felt very calm.

It shrunk down considerably once I got my T levels up.

I’m starting to like your approach man. Less is more

I won’t say you’re off your rocker, lol, but I do find it hard to believe. I’ve never seen a documented case of actual gyno that didn’t involve higher levels of estrogen, well…at least way higher in comparison to the levels of testosterone. If you were at 11pg/mL then your Testosterone must have been completely tanked at 0 for quite some time for this condition to develop.

One more question (just trying to understand your particular scenario)…Did you have this clinically confirmed that it was gyno (glandular breast tissue development) as opposed to just normal adipose (fatty) tissue?

My E2 (non sensitive) was 13 pg/mL. My total testosterone was 227 ng/dL. Prolactin was 14 ng/mL. At this point you’ll say, “It was the prolactin!”. Current levels are E2 43 (sensitive), total 1035, free 28, and prolactin 14. Hasn’t budged yet the gyno shrunk down. It was glandular. When I was tested I was really lean and barely had any fat on my body. Had it checked by two doctors, both of whom suggested surgery. No longer necessary. Also, the gyno was worse while I was taking an AI if you can believe that.

No sir I won’t presume. I have no idea on your particular case. It’s quite unusual.

You ask some weird questions sometimes. You don’t need an indicator, you will experience it on just exogynous testosterone. That’s how it works.

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