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How Often for Bloodwork?


I would like to hear from the vets as to how often you have bloodwork done, and how many cycles if any have you gone without having blood analyzed. Thanks men.



I might get between 2-5 per year, depending on how much of a pretentious prick I'm being any given year. I've gone 3 long cycles without getting anything done.


hahaha, thanks for the reply. So I am going to assume since you have gone a few cycles without bloodwork, the times you have were clear of any abnormalities?



Well, I didn't grow a 3rd penis or anything.


so you just have the two then?


I get bloodwork done every month, even when I'm not on. This is the only way I can get real solid data on the effects these substances have on my physiology. Keeping track when I am off also gives me a good picture as to how well I recover.

I am a very lucky SOB though to be able to afford to do this. However I am very very happy I did; I have learned alot of things about the effects certain compounds have upon me that spits in the face of modern "truths" and is in some cases polar opposites of now accepted "facts".


Monthly for me.

I'm even luckier than buffd_samurai as I get mine for free so really there's not much reason to not go monthly all the time.

It means I can in some part build a profile of what's going on with certain sups, dietry changes and recovery.


Hi buffd_samurai,

Great post. I, and I'll bet others, would really appreciate hearing some insight and a few example of what you've learned from your experiences. Especially the contrarion stuff. Thanks!


I also would enjoy greatly hearing your experiences with how certain compounds have affected your bloodwork results and how you have tweaked to adjust for this.