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How Often Does Lab Error Occur? May Have Made Injection Mistake

Hey guys, long time no post. I was on TRT for around 8 months recently and actually felt pretty good. I made the mistake however of reading about triptorelin and how it restored the one bodybuilder’s hormones, along with anecdotal forum reports and decided what the hell, I’ll come off and try it. So i did the following:

Came off, waited two weeks, Ran eight weeks of clomid at 25mg/day. I ran triptorelin (1 100 mcg shot, pharmaceutical grade) at the beginning of week 3 and then took aromasin 12.5 mg here and there over the eight weeks of clomid. I then came off everything and about 3 weeks post clomid I started feeling like total ass. I already wasn’t feeling great but things got so much worse-started having horrible anxiety, doubting my career path that I started last year and overthinking everything. In addition, I was extremely fatigued and weak in the gym, with no muscle pump whatsoever and have been taking gabapentin to sleep because my insomnia and nightime anxiety got so bad. Also haven’t had a single boner in a long time, no libido whatsoever. Have been turning down girls I usually see.

So, at this point, I was actually happy because hey-this is the answer I needed- stay on TRT you idiot! Obviously my T was trashed, as I could feel it. I scheduled my doctor appointment to follow up and then got bloodwork done. I planned on waiting for the results but I was feeling so awful that I did two injections before hand, so I have a total of 140mg Test E in my system now. Already feeling better within days and nothing needed to sleep.

Then the lab work comes back and screws up everything:

Estradiol (ultrasensitive) Range <=9 Result: 40 (H)
Total T MS: 710 ng/dL
Free T (dialysis): 148 pg/mL (Range tops out at 150!)
LH: 7
FSH: 5.4

This begs the question, what in the hell happened here? These are the best numbers I have ever seen for myself on labwork yet I felt like a big bag of dicks.

Also- how often is labwork incorrect? Is it possible something got messed up here? I mean top of range Free T seems pretty ridiculous given how I feel. I am thinking I should cease the injections immediately since I probably am not completely shut down. Following this, take 12.5mg clomid per day for about 3 weeks, then wait 4 weeks and test again? Seem like a good idea? I really don’t know what else to say as I jumped the gun on the injections because my intense brain fog and anxiety crap were ruining me at work and I was making tons of stupid mistakes.

As always, any advice is appreciated

I think a lot of ppl have reported decent numbers while taking Clomid but still feeling super shitty

Clomid is notorious for lots of side effects even with excellent labs.

The baffling part is that I felt extremely weak. I figure even though I was on clomid that my muscles shouldn’t be so sore with that high of free test. I either fully recovered years of low test to a very high range or there was lab error… I wish I hadn’t jumped the gun so I could have retested because now without waiting a month I will never really know. Tempting to just continue as I get so much more done on TRT and having a high sex drive is pretty much worth it by itself. Not happy with that limp dick life