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How Often do You Work on Mobility?


How important is direct mobility work and how often do you work on it? I've become paranoid about poor form and hence poor mobility since I herniated a disc.

I want to get back into powerlifting and it frustrates me thinking of what I used to lift, but every pain in my knees or stress on my back and I want to back off.


When I was rehabbing I did 2 hours every day of mobility, stability, soft tissue work. Now I do about 30 minutes before workouts 3 days a week, focusing on my main issue, hip mobility.


ill usually use a softball and theracane for soft tissue work then do some hip stretches before I lift. I worked on my mobility really hard for about 3 months, now i find it doesnt take much to keep it.


What did you do for those 3 months?