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How Often Do You Train?


I was just curious as how often you guys train. I personally HATE to take days from lifting. If I don't feel run down or don't have work I'll pretty much hit the weights almost everyday or at least some cardio.


Oly lifting 4-5 times a week. Usually last 2 hours. Cardio 2-3 times a week.


Anywhere from 4-9 times a week. Usually at least one day a week is recovery work and another is completely off, so 5 days at the most, but some weeks get extra workouts thrown in.

Suck on that, overtraining!


3-4 lifting. I tried 5, once, but it didn't go so well; fairly certain the 5-day routine was poorly put together.

I don't do any cardio or "energy systems work." I'm bad. :frowning:


3 days a week. Heavy Light Medium style but with different set/rep schemes and exercise selection.


6 day split, Monday-Saturday 2 hour sessions upper/lower split


monday - friday weights + cardio every day

Sat-Sun - cardio


haha wow well this is embarassing, 3 times a week preferably, but every now and then I only get 2


Fuck yea. seems like us new yorkers aren't afraid of over-training. As I said before it's very hard for me to take a day completely off.

Tues,Thursday, Saturday-OLY-Lifting

Monday,Wed: Other stuff at the gym(ex.back squats, front squats, presses, back work)

Friday: Tire flips along with the sledge hammer.

Sunday: OFF??...maybe


MONDAY- max effort Upper Body


WEDNESDAY - max effort squat

THURSDAY - repeated effort Upper Body lift

FRIDAY - speed deadlift day

SATURDAY - gpp or rest depends how am feeling

SUNDAY - max effort squat


3 days/week (push/pull/push).


5-6 days/week.


3 days a week- bench, squat and deadlift.


When I was doing olympic lifting seriously I would train six sometimes seven days a week. Now I train every other day doing an A B workout scheme. Cardio every morning, but nothing intense just light jogging.


6 Days, O lifting, 2 hours each session.


Twice a week, maybe three if I'm feeling unusually energetic.


3 days a week o lifting, 2 hours each, 1 'upper' bodybuilding style day, dancing for an hour twice a week (I count this as energy systems work).


2 a days every second day- upper/lower split
rows almost everyday ala waterburys HFT
GPP on off days


4 lifting 1 cardio, have done 3 days and 5 days of lifting before though


Generally,im traing 4days/week with an Upper/Lower body split with powerlifting methods.Also, when i'm working out for Oly Lifting im training 4days/week (Snatch Day,Jerk Day,Rest,Clean Day,General Day,Rest x2).Rarelly with full body workouts.
This period i got only 3days per week to train, but thats ok.