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How Often Do You Train Upper Back/Lats?

How many days a week do you train your back? Do you prefer to work it on lower days, upper days, by itself, every day?

Just interested on how everyone sets it up during the week

I like to do barbell rows after deadlifts, I train my back at least a bit every upper body day (2x per week). This always includes at least one vertical pull movement, and usually a row variation. I’m interested to see how much other people train their backs. I also do face pulls whenever I do upper body if that even counts

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Upper back gets trained 3-4 times a week usually.

Through direct and indirect work.

SSB squats, SSB good mornings, cambered bar good mornings, these all tax the upper back.

Face pulls on ME upper ( which ME upper in and of itself taxes the back )

DE lower deadlifts, good mornings, etc

DE upper is usually my direct back day.

Edit: I find it’s important to do some upper pulling movement at least twice a week. Doesn’t have to be a lot but some solid rear delt/lat work twice a week.


Same here.

During meet prep, indrectly on Transformer bar squats and deadlifts. And Rows on my Bench days. Sometimes I do lat pulldown on upper body days to warmup.

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Currently 3-4 days a week directly :stuck_out_tongue:

Gooo HF back

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You can do upper back work in every workout as long as you don’t overdo it. I train 4 days a week and right now I do upper back work 3 days a week. I never do any upper body pulling on my squat days because I’m already burnt out by the end and don’t need anything else, but sometimes I do snatch grip RDLs which sort of count as upper back work.

One thing though, I don’t like doing rows or chin ups the day before deadlifting because sore lats can be a problem, I usually do face pulls or band pull aparts and right now I’m doing Chris Duffin’ version of upright rows.

That’s true in a sense, but those mostly use the spinal erectors as opposed to the muscles involved in pulling with your arms so I don’t count that the same way.


For sure, but he didn’t specify pulling muscles.

You are correct it’s not the same but I bet you can maintain a arch with a tight back if you can squat 600lbs on a SSB. Your lats might not stay tight but your upper back will.

I like the snatch grip RDLs after squatting, normally I’d keep those on a DE lower after my pulls but it’s not a bad idea at all.


I’ve been doing some type of Pulldowns & Rear Delts on upper days.

On squat day(if I have enough energy after my quad work) I do some type of one-arm row and Shrugs

On deadlift day I normally do Pendlay Rows and heavy Shrugs. And heavy hamstrings

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3 to 5 times a week. As much as possible really.

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