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How Often Do You Switch Up Foods?


Let's face it...eating plain chicken breast with rice all day would suck....
For all you hardasses ready to say something like "eat to get big this shits not for everyone" have fun eating your bland ass food.

If we are doing something, we might as well enjoy it in the process.

How often do you switch recipes, try new things, etc with your food?

For example, last week I bought a bag of chicken breast and I am getting sick of it. Now I am going to switch it up to marinated steaks or something

Edit: I am not asking for recipes because I would have press the search button, but feel free to throw any food ideas in there for new info!


i rarely eat the same thing two days in a row. while some people may eat bland chicken and rice every day, there aren't going to be many people looking to condemn you for switching up foods. there are plenty of tasty foods that can help you hit your macros.


I usually keep the same foods, but I'll switch how I cook them. I used to always buy frozen chicken breasts and just boil them (talk about bland), but lately i've been buying them "fresh" baking them in the oven and trying different spices.

I think trying different flavors/spices has saved me in terms of getting bored with the same foods


Interesting, how do you shop for your eating habits?
It is easy to buy a big bag of chicken breast and use a big container of spices for the week...But to eat different food every day? Seems like it would require alot of planning, how do you shop?

What are some of your shopping habits guys?


Take chicken breasts (defrosted).

Season with herbs, pepper, salt.

Brush with a light covering of olive oil.

Wrap in foil. Stick in oven.

Delicious over rice, or in a whole-grain tortilla.


Maybe its an idea to get a WoK.

You can bake your meat/fish in it. ( chicken/beef/salmon/tuna etc whatever you want )
Throw in some extra onions/garlics, almost all sorts of vegetables you can throw in there when the meat is almost ready.

I also like to make sauces with coconut milk, and different hot spices.

Hope this helped.


Wok seems interesting,

Also have read that people on here roast their meats.... Anyone with a roast care to elaborate?
I can't even find what a roaster looks like


i buy enough of each food for about 4 or 5 servings (not what a typical label would call a "serving"). i cook every day after work for myself and my fiancee. then there are leftovers to take for lunch the next day at work. i'll also cook up a large pack or chicken breasts or put a beef roast in the slow cooker on the weekend to have during the week as well. i have to work 13 hour shifts a few times a week so that way i can take the pre-cooked stuff for dinner at work and my fiancee has soemthing to heat up.

the trick is to not wait til you finish all your food before you make more. that way, you get to have multiple options in the fridge. the last half of one food choice coincides with the first half of another so that i can alternate foods. helps keep me sane.


Lunches I switch up once a week. What I do is just slow cook several pounds of meat on the weekend and put some in a tupperware for each day. Throw in some veggies, carbs, etc. and you're good to go for the week. This week I'm having BBQ pulled pork with sweet potatoes. Next week will probably be sirloin with rice.

For dinners what I usually do is pick 2 or 3 meals at the beginning of the week (I'm cooking for the wife as well, and she isn't as tolerant of having the same thing every day as me), cooking fresh the first couple nights but making enough that I can just alternate leftovers for the rest of the week.


How tight is your budget?

Do you live near a middle eastern restaurant?

Where I live you can get 2 of these for only $8. It's basically a pita, sauce, vegetables and fuck loads of meat.

When I'm lazy or tired of what I'm eating I get these. They also have a plate you can buy which is the same thing except for a pita you get rice and potatoes


Good ass suggestions, just bought a roaster today! (along with 7 pounds of beef roast) marinading in italian overnight.


I eat chicken breasts when dieting mostly. I hope you guys eating like that to gain....are actually gaining.


i change my food up all the time. There are "staples" in my diet (of course) cause they're easy/cheap but i eat lots of different food all the time.

heres my dinner from last night (prepared by head candle light and headlamps during the San Diego blackout lol)

18oz NY Strips

Rice Salad:
basmati rice
corn (shaved off the cob)
red bell pepper
rice vinegar

so good!


Good stuff man...looks good like the suggestions. How much was the NY strip?


It's funny because I just read your "STEAK?" thread, and it inspired me to buy steaks and stop eating low cal BS chicken breast. The thing is, cooking bulk like that, don't you get sick of the food after a couple days?


There are good respponses in this thread for a few new recipes, but I just don't get how you guys don't get sick of the same food. It takes me one or two days to get sick of the same food. So bulk preparing does not work, I end up wasting food by throwing it away!


I pretty much eat the same all the time since I try to go for cheap and high in calories stuff. Pork is my favourite now and I've found a place with somewhat cheap and delicious pork.

I've been eating oats for breakfast for five months in a row (missed it maybe, three mornings total) so I'm going to start taking something else for breakfast.