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How Often Do You Squat?

How often do you squat? First off, I’m not an Olympic lifter, but I’m looking to make rapid increases in squat poundages.

I wondered how often many of yall squated. For those of yall that do squat several days a week, do you alternate Back squat one day then front squat the next? Also, for those of you who do squat multiple times a week, do you do roughly the same volume and intensity throughout the week, or do you have days with reduced volume or reduced intensity.

Currently I squat heavy for many sets once a week (basically the whole workout is devoted to squating). I feel like I can tolerate more actually (especially if I alternated between back and front squats) I actually feel like i’m much better suited for front squats and they don’t seem to beat up my CNS much. With that in mind, could I move to multiple sessions a week? Or atleast a couple for starters?

Thanks guys

I squat a couple of times a week…

if you want to make gains on both your front and back squat it would make sense to train both your front and back squat.

do you think you might find front squats relatively easier to recover from because the weights are relatively lighter?

i’ve always squatted 3x per week. sometimes 5x5, sometimes 8x3, sometimes work up to max single. aiming to increase the weight each time.

when i stalled on linear progression i ran the russian squat routine (for front squat) which involves squatting 3x per week. 6 weeks to a new max of 105% the first half of the program increases volume up to a 6x6. the second half decreases the volume and increases the intensity. i did find it fatiguing, though, and my other strength lifts suffered while i focused on squats.

maybe try one front squat session and one back squat session per week for starters? you still making linear gains?

It changes all the time. Right now I’m trying to squat twice per week 5 reps 3-5 sets in the front squat only. Later I’ll be doing something like 5x5, 3x3light day, 1x1/1x2/1x3 “intensity day” . so thats 3 days although only one really has me squatting heavy and a lot

first i think we need some numbers… what are you squatting front/back.

also, are you a ‘beginner’ or have you been lifting a long time. it makes a difference.

a long time ago i ran a back squat program that was 3x5 for two months then progressively more intensity/less volume, i.e. 3x4 then 4x3, 3x3. i started this program with a 115lb back squat for one rep. i left it after about six months with a 265 squat. a lot of guys put up bigger gains than that too. these were by no means olympic ass to grass squats though. they were wide as hell powerlifting hip drive squats.

if thats why you do/are looking for, its all about consistently increasing your intensity (loading) and lowering volume (reps/sets) within a macro-cycle. its not science though. you’ll know when you’re ready to change the set/rep scheme to 3x3 from 4x3 etc. youll know when youre ready to go for your one rep max. however, you should always strive to increase the poundage if youve made your previous workout’s numbers.

btw, this kind of gain (imo) can’t be accomplished without a serious eating regimen.

I wouldn’t say I’m a beginner. My squat is a little low though.

Bench 275
Deadlift 440
Back squat 250 for 3 RM
Front squat 215 for 3 RM

Back squat is not quite hamstrings on calves, but is pretty close (still working on mobility). I squat with Olympic style.

At this point I am training for athletic performance. I want to try out for bobsled in about 2 years. I was talking to a strength coach I know…he believes I can do it if I can get up to a 400 Olympic back squat and a 300 lb power clean, and get a body weight of 225 at 6-8% body fat.

So that’s about it…

I used to squat minimun 3xweek, including front squats also.

Panzer, you must seen this already, from few threads above, but here you go: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_olympic/squat_programming
That guy squats 6 to 7 days a week with great results.
I can personally only say that when on right kind of juice, recovery is so fast that you WANT to train every day…

I squat oncea weel, but thats probably because Im a semi pro soccer player.

I think squatting twice a week is probably ideal.


You should in general find a way to squat as little as possible while making progress.

Usually this is: as a beginner squatting 2-3 times per week something like 5x5 progression

Later on its high volume 3-4 times per week.

Even later its more about squatting daily going for max and a few sets with low reps and high % of your 1RM.

The trick is … for olympic lifting IMO, to find a way to squat like that and still be able to do the lifts at least a couple times per week.

I know personally if my knees weren’t giving me trouble I’d be snatching and clean and jerking every day and squatting 2 times per week heavy and once a week a bit lighter with whatever I’m not doing normally(if I’m back squatting heavy then front squat light just to remember the movement and keep the strength/mass needed for the slightly different lift)