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How Often Do You Rotate Injection Sites?

How often does everyone rotate injection sites? I pin into same glute for 2 weeks then switch to other glute and repeat. Haven’t had an issue with scar tissue. Pinning Monday, Wednesday, Friday - would you all recommend 1 week or to find another injection site to add into the mix?

I rotate 4 injection sites, each glute and each quad. Pinning twice a week, so I alternate over 2 weeks.

I’ve pinned quads once and was in terrible pain. I won’t do them again.

First time I pinned quads I could barely bend my leg, I was in agony. You just have to tough it out for a while man, it does get better.
A lot of guys here suggest using insulin pins in the delts with near or no pain at all. Might be worth giving it a try if quads are too painful to push through for a while.

Pin my glutes and i dont really keep track of rotation… Kinda which ever way im facing the mirror.

As far as scar tissue goes. You could pin your ass daily for 5 years and barely notice anything.

VG, DG, delts…that’s six locations. Two pins a week means I have a three week rotation without any overlap.

OK we are in pharma so we are talking cycles/blast time.
.60 mL x 3/wk alternating love handles with a 27ga 1/2" easy tough. I never poke the the exact same spot twice. 0 pain on injection and never any PIP post.

Update. Pinned quads recently. No pain other than slight soreness if I touch pin site. So far so good. Thanks everyone. Running 50MG Anadrol, 750 Test, 375 NPP, 300 Tren E, aromasin and clomid for pct. good luck everyone!

Do not run aromasin for pct

It’s not for PCT. I run it on cycle weeks 3-12. Got clomid for PCT. I guess I should’ve put another comma or started a new sentence so that was not misconstrued. My bad!

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