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How Often Do You Replace Your Equipment?

I’ve had most of my lifting stuff forever and the stuff holds up well.

How often do you replace your wraps/sleeves/belts/shoes?

I’ve had the same wraps and shoes since summer 2015, got SBDs in mid 2017 only because I was upgrading from a pair of Rehands, and only changed my belt because I needed to size up. But should I consider getting new stuff soon?

I haven’t been powerlifting too long but I’m accumulated all the gear. It’s rugged stuff like my shoes and belt will probably hold up longer than I will. Probably gonna end up buying more shit anyway even if I don’t need it because I’m a gear whore


Same belt since 2006. I get new chucks every 3 years or so.

I like to replace wraps about once a year, but you don’t have to until they start to loose their elasticity.

Belts are a lifetime purchase unless they suck and fall apart.

Shoes have a lifetime but you can easily extend it by only wearing a pair for squats/bench/deads and only during those 3 lifts. Switch to something else for accessories.

Sleeves should be near lifetime as well, just please for the love of all, wash them now and then.


I’ve replaced some of my resistance bands…that’s the only thing I’ve needed to replace.

Wraps seem like they need the most replacing. What do you guys think of the people who take their third squat in new wraps? Seems like an extra variable I would not throw in.

I got some new wraps over the summer, but realized I like my old ones better and went right back.

Same with belt and sleeves. Might give my old belt to my wife.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, or replace it either.

It’s not an extra variable if you account for your third attempt always being in a new wrap :wink:

I usually have 3 pair, 1 for each attempt, don’t have to worry about re-rolling them between attempts.

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That’s not a bad idea.

I need to break in my stiffer wraps but I feel good knowing that my coach will bring a wrap roller. I already got 2 pairs, and dunno if I’d want any duplicates yet.

Not if you get fatter they aren’t…


Basically what happened to me. My belt fit on it’s last hole for squat, but since I wear my belt higher up for deadlift, I couldn’t get it to fit anymore.

Follow-on questions:

  1. My knee sleeves are starting to stink even after a wash. What do I do??
  2. I have a 6.5mm belt from EliteFTS. I don’t compete and do everything for reps. My working sets are mid 300s to maybe low 400s for squat (in a blue moon) and low to mid 400 for deadlift. Would there be any benefit to me getting a thicker belt?
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  1. have you tried freezing them after a washing? What are you washing them with?
  2. Potentially more Intra adominal pressure

I haven’t tried that. Typically I just throw them in the laundry. I just read to boil them, so I’ll give that a go, and then try a wash/ freeze schedule.

Touché- thanks!

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I always use some sort of Icy Hot/Tiger Balm/Biofreeze on my knees before I put on knee sleeves and it’s always helped them smell slightly better

My knees kinda smell like feet from these knee sleeves when they get nasty. EDIT: I also do the laundry soap hand wash in a bucket. I personally dont use baking soda, but it would prolly help. I’ve never boiled mine, but I have poured hot water over them while they were in the tub. Not sure if really made any major difference.

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I soak my knee sleeves with laundry soap and baking soda and hand wash them. The washing machine is just going to swish them around, if you want to get them clean you have to wash them yourself. I figured out that not washing them properly will make them stink even more, you are putting a whole bunch of water on something that is saturated with bacteria, it’s like feeding them.

That’s going to smell fucking disgusting, better do it outside when your neighbors aren’t home.


I find keeping them out of the gym bag as much as possible and wearinf them just when you need them (ie. Take them off after squatting) helps a lot.

I do hot water from the tap with a kettle full of boiling water with anti bacterial soap and laundry liquid for washing. I use the sink and try to fill it. Washing often helps too, best not to wait until the hazmat people come knocking.

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Oh dang! Yeah, I keep my stuff in a small locker in the gym, and my belt/knee wraps in a separate open cubby. If I had a really sweaty squat session, I air them out in the cubby.

My gym recently sent out an e-mail about hygiene because people had smelly gear

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I will definitely try this - thanks.

Well, I read this a morning too late, but the experiment proved the credibility of your advice.

You’re exactly right. They got this level of stinky because I’ve been on the road again, I think, and having to stick them straight in the bag and go to the airport. I probably am retiring the poor security dogs early.

That’s pretty funny. I hope I’m not that guy… yet.