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How Often Do You Push the Prowler?

Prowler Pushers

Okay, be honest here.

Out of all of you that’ve bought prowlers, how often do you use them these days?

Once every 4 days, but not for conditioning. I load it up for short distances to put some extra mass on my legs.

Not as much as I should…I hate that thing.

I use in mostly like Wendler prescribes…light on upper body days and heavy on lower body.

Usually 30-40 yard pushes x 10 sets with 30 sec - 1 min rest.

The only thing that are on the same level of suck as the Prowler are hill sprints.

When i’m home, usually once a week. I agree with clinton, I hate that damn thing also.

I was using it 3-4 times a week, at the end of every workout. Now that I am hurt, I haven’t used it since 2010 with any consistency. I am looking forward to get healthy and back at it. In fact, I am having hip resurfacing done and am planning on using it for rehab purposes.

4x a week. I am on the westside/ chaos+pain plan and it looks like this:
Monday Am ME bench/ Pm prowler push (lite) to 30meters and LITE c+j.
Tuesday Am DE squat/ Pm ME deadlift, prowler push 20-30 meters HEAVY and 5-8sets of 3 GHR with weight.
wed: OFF
thursday Am De Bench and lite c+j
Friday Am Speed Deads from a 2-4" deficit/ Pm ME SQUAT, prowler suicides 15/30/50 meter sprints
finished off with 2-3 sets of 15 GHR’s and some box jumps.

So yeah, I have most definately caught the “prowler flu” and love the heaving and about to puke feeling ; )

2 - 3 times/week

LOL in preparing for wrestling season I pushes it for 30 35yrd sprints at 4 days a week. Now its whenever I have the time off from practice, and more typically I pull it for time to keep the training stress of it down.

omg best picture ever

2-3 x a week as well.

Every damn day.

My buddy just bought one a few months ago, we’ve been pushing it 1-2 times a week. We have a couple different setups:
a) one plate per side, 2 pushes, 30 yards; then two plates per side, 2 pushes, 30 yards; then three plates per side, 2-4 pushes, 30 yards
b) one plate and a quarter per side, 6 pushes, 30 yards

We do setup (a) in a parking lot near my place, setup (b) in his apartment building parking lot, which is a lot grippier, thus the lower weight/reps

There is one at my gym and I recently started doing it every time I’m there. I LOVE the burn!

Three times a week, schedule allowing.

I been meaning to buy one, there’s a heyooge park complete with inclines nearby, and think that it would be a good addition to just plain gym training.

are they all the same, or are there better models?

Every Sunday morning with my buddy. Mix it up with pushes and drags, changing weights, distances, rest times etc. A lovely way to start the weekly day of rest.