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How Often Do You Inject?

i’m seeing a urologist who put me on 100mg / once a week, he said this is the usual starting treatment, and once a week is standard. I previously went to a trt clinic that specialized in trt, they said the same, 1 a week is the standard. Seems here, most people do at least 1 every 3 days, most seem EOD, and a few i’ve read do every day. I haven’t heard anyone on this forum or others that does once a week.

Most people do once a week.

It’s the smaller percentage that don’t see good results that do different protocols Like eod and e3 days.

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Once a week here, 200mg/week for over five years.

Twice a week for 5 years

I’m with studhammer twice a week M/T
I have tried others like M/W/F and EOD but that was just too dam much sticking myself with no improvement to my blood numbers.

Currently 100mg once a week. Was doing every other up until 4 weeks ago. Feeling much better on the once a week. I do feel the dose needs to go up though.

Currently 60mg twice a week.

Somebody created a poll on this subject I believe in the last couple weeks. Might halve a lot of what you’re looking for. (Should be in this section)

I was 50mg twice a week for 8-9 weeks. Felt ok on that protocol. My doc said he wanted to up my free T a little more so he put me on 50mg x 3 a week (150mg total) M, W, F. I’ve been on this for right at a week now so I’ll let you know once I stabilize at around 6-8 weeks if this is better or not.

You find where you are comfortable. Have patience. Do not change your protocol to frequently in the sense of a time perspective. I have been doing twice a week at 100mgs a pop. I found, what I believe keeps me steady without the peaks and valleys.

Your doctor is trying to control the narrative, nowhere does it state in guidelines once weekly injections is standard. These clinics prefer to keep you coming in on a regular basis, they want you tied to the clinics for their financial benefit.

I inject 21mg every 2 days.

I inject 80mg every 3.5 days