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How Often Do You Increase Weight?


Way to misunderstand the question, and not read the thread.


You should be able to increase weight every workout as a beginner, eventually you will have to progress weekly. After a while, that will stop working and a more complex program is needed.


The problem is you are under the assumption that volume is the only variable of interest and intensity is a non-factor.

Of course if you are running with 5/3/1, your main lift is going to change in weight on a weekly basis. However, this was a beginner question, and newbies need volume.


I don't understand. Problem with what? Could you elaborate?

Yes, with 5/3/1, I am going to change weight on a weekly basis; that's where the subtle progression comes into play. I also noted that this is something I've done after 2 years of training. I did state that in the beginning I tried to add weight every workout.

What does this have to do with "newbies needing (sic) volume" anyway? He was asking how often people increase weight.

Really, the only reason I chimed in on this thread was mostly to comment on how progressing with weight is easier than progressing with reps.



I assume by solid you're implying with good form & bar speed. It's important not to rush this if your form is faltering - you're just asking for an injury that way - but don't be chickenshit about adding weight, either. If you're brand spanky then 5 - 10lbs added per workout will sufficiently stress your muscles and you'll grow in response. If you've got some experience, try microloading (i.e. < 5lbs per workout) until you're stuck. Then rethink your strategy.