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How Often Do You Increase Weight for the Assistant Dumbbell Squats?

I am inspired by Jim’s stories of how he has high schoolers eventually doing sets of 20 with 100 lb dumbbells and I always push myself to finish off those 5x20 sets at the end, even though I want to die at the very end thinking of what Jim would say: no matter how long it takes, get those numbers in.

I’m at 60 lbs now (can’t believe I made it this far from 35) and I’ve been increasing it 5 lbs every cycle. It is getting harder every cycle to get the dumbbell squats done but I can still finish.

You guys think that at this point, I should focus on time to completion over increasing the actual weight or reps? I find myself always out of breath after those 5x20 dumbbell squats immediately followed by 10 pushups. I need like 30 seconds to be able to do 5 pull-ups and then the hanging leg raises gives me a bit of a breather. My recovery has improved quite a bit but I definitely need at least a minute rest before I start another. Thanks for the feedback!

5x20 is cardio