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How Often Do You Increase Cycle Dose?

This will be my 3rd cycle first was test E 500mg a week, my second was test E 600 and deca 300 per week, so my question is do you think the same dose will be effective again or will I need to increase slightly each time? For example 700 test and 400 deca? I know you can do trial and error but with using a long ether I’d rather know before I start to save time

What are your goals?

I’m a u105 competitive strongman, so strength is the main goal

If your making significant progress on your current cycle you dont have to add more for the following cycle. Your running nearly a gram now, if your training and nutrition are on point you will still see significant gains repeating the same successful cycle.

When progress starts to taper off then increase with your following cycle.

While i understand most want to get as much as they can from each cycle, running increasingly higher amounts isnt safe or sustainable. There will come a point where the risk to reward ratio will skew too far and youll have to stop or pull back. That might be further for you being a strongman competitor, only you will know.

Why increase it? Are you no longer making progress with 600 test and 300 deca? I just got done with a Test NPP cycle 525/350 and I was actually thinking about using a lower dosage next time. Something more like 525/280. As long as you are still responding to it. why go higher?

FWIW I am also a U105k guy