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How Often Do You Hit a Vein?


how often do you get blood when you aspirate? It has happened a couple times now and I am wondering if its my choice of injection location, or if it is just kind of a fact of life. Does it happen once every 10, 20, 100 injections?


Very seldom. But it's not a big deal. Just move the needle a bit and aspirate again. No blood this time? Go for it.


A few times.

Ever hit a nerve?


Never knock on wood hit a vein ... although I have went through them on the way in, then blood comes out when I remove the needle.

The only thing I hate more than that is seeing a little oil run out of my arm


Seriously? Wait till you get a gusher, and blood literally shoots out of your body, covering the wall and floor like some slasher movie. Very fun.


Looks like I have some excitement to look forward too.


Once did a quad injection, aspirated, no blood, injected, and when I pulled out the needle blood squirted like you described. It did stopped after a couple of seconds, so no harm done.
Must have went through a vein or something. Only happened once, though.
I've never hit a vein with gluteal injections.


Had it happen once with a glute injection. Unfortunately for my injector at the time, he was a borderline hemophiliac.


I dont' need to pull out the needle and void the contents of the syringe? Damn! that means I wasted some good test! Just pull back a bit, aspirate again, and inject, blood and all?


Yeah hit a vein here and there. the worst is when I inject push on the plunger and the muscle contracts..HO! that hurt like hell. Like a bad muscle spasm at night when my hamstrings have a fit.


Why on earth would you? It's not like your own blood is going to contaminate the oil. And so long as you move the needle to another position, aspirate, and pull air bubbles again there is not too much to worry about, to my understanding. This is certainly what I always do.


Well, now I know. I won't do that again!


I just hit a vein on a subq injection and threw away that needle and contents. Thanks for the heads up on using it again. Makes sense really lol, it is your own blood!