how often do you have to go?

I just read John Berardi’s article…

“eat 5-8 times a day”

well, anyway, the reason I’m writing this is… I average about 5 meals a day, and I usually take a shit 4-5 times a day. it doesn’t really matter what I eat, I usually have to go 15-45mins after eating. (no, nobody’s called me “shitbreak” yet) And it’s not diarrhea (actually a bit on the hard side cause of all the protein?). well, I can go on and describe my shit, but I guess nobody wants to read that.

anyway, I personally don’t know other people who eat 5 times a day, and many people I know don’t even take a shit every day.

I’m just wondering if I’m normal among people who eat 5 meals a day… I don’t really wanna think about what’s gonna happen when I start eating more often…

I know it’s not really about training, but maybe general health.

yep… about 3-5 times a day here. Don’t sweat it!


Also, Berardi himself wrote this in issue #184

“Okay, all kidding aside, your comments are good ones and the Massive Eating plan has also been called Massive Shopping (some even call it Massive Pooping) for the very same reason.”

i have always had “regular” bowel movements, even as a kid. i sometimes have to literally run to the bathroom! in high school a few friends used to call me SHIT-P. maybe i will change my forum handle.


Stool samples for everyone!!


Seriously, you’re not a dump-aholic, dude. I’d worry if you DIDN’T “make poopies” that much with the good ole “eat at least five meals a day” thing.

4-5 shits per day?!?!
i have done some pretty massive bulking cycles in the past (in terms of cals consumed) and i doubt i have ever shat 5 times in a day.
if/when i break the 3 mark i would be concerned…
my $0.02

speaking from an internal/intestinal health and digestive stand point. Humans should have a BM(healthy shite) after every time you consume whole foods. So you are perfectly normal if not better than the norm for most folks these days. People like Whetu that consistently don’t have BM’s after each meal or even worse those that don’t even have one a day, those are the ons that should be concerned. That is a sign of impaired digestion and most certainly impacted, rotting food in the colon.

This is actually pretty interesting.

I find it varies depending on food intake, fiber intake, and stress - and I find stress to be a big factor. However, for me I’d say never less than 3 times per day.

Hmmmm…so I should be concerned about my 1-2??? I havent really had any problems otherwise, but I find this thread interesting.

Your post could’ve been summed up the following way:

‘JB recommends 5-8 meals/day. At 5 meals/day I shit 4-5 times, and I’m wondering if this is normal.
Any feedback apreciated.’

Let’s stay on topic. There’s no need to go on a tangent everytime you talk about shit, crap, or anything irrelevant to the topic.

bump to what John was saying. there are varying factors. basically any whole food meal with a decent amount of fibrous bulk(ie. P+C meals like chicken and veggies) should produce a BM but in my opinion/experience sometimes a P+F meal like Grow and flax/fish oil caps lacks the fiber to produce a good BM. So as far as the 1-2 thing Mike it just depends. Horrific protein ass bomb farts are indeed a sign of poor digestion which to me would definitely indicate poor absorption of the macronutrients as well. A big glob of undigested protein putrifying in your intestines just doesn’t seem to be beneficial in any way.