How Often Do You Go Through Straps?

Just wondering how often you guys go through a pair of straps. I have been using straps for my high and low pulls. Most recently doing all low pulls because of my shoulder. I dont know if I generate more force with the clean grip low pulls or what but I am going through a pair of straps about once a month.

I was using cheap cotton ones as they are like $3.50 a pair or so here in China. Last week I figured I would try out some more expensive ones and bought some really nice leather ones expecting them to last longer. They were really nice and long and supple etc. I ripped through one of them yesterday on my first workout with them! So, I am going to go back to the cheap cotton ones but buy 2 or three pairs so I have them on-hand as I a rip through them.

The only straps I’ve used are the Harbinger Big Grip No-Slip Pro ones. I haven’t had any issues or needed to replace them.

All of my straps are from Spud Inc. They will last forever and never break. I would only ever buy straps made by Spud inc, Ironmind, or Elite fts (also has the biggest selection)

Cool! Thanks for the advice on the brands! I just looked up the Harbinger and Spud inc. straps. The Spud inc ones are $15 in the US, 415 rmb ($70) here. Harbinger big grip a little more reasonable at $40. I guess I will wait till my yearly trip home for the holidays to pick up a pair.

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Bill Starr taught me how to make lifting straps out of old seat-belts. He had like 2-3 pair in the college weight room that everyone on the football and lacrosse team used year round. They will outlast you…

That is an awesome idea! So, how do you do it?