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How Often Do You Foam Roll?

Hi friends.
I have a problem.
Ever since i started foam rolling, about a year ago, now every time before I do any workout I feel I need to do a good 20-30 minutes of foam rolling and mobility work. If I dont, it just doesnt feel right.
Is it necessary to do this before every workout??
Its so time consuming. Maybe I could do it every second day?? How often do YOU foam roll?

My routine is:
bottom of my feet with a softball.
calves with PVC pipe.
hamstrings with PVC pipe.
hamstrings with softball.
glutes and lower back with softball
2 sets of 10 reps of leg swings
IT band with PVC pipe.
Quads with soft foam roll
Back with soft foam roll.
Upper back with “posture pro”
2 sets of bodyweight squat
1 set of spiderman stretch
1 set of groin mobility stretch
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