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How Often Do You Exercise?

A recurring question, where Dr Darden has recommended 1-3 days a week, less as you progress and become more experienced.

So, where are you related to this? Are you, like me, not in comfort excercising more than every 3-4th day (yet wanting to keep momentum at least twice a week)? Or - do you excercise more than recommended by the HIT-community? Combination of routines? Aerobic activities? Please tell us your story here!

I’ve been lifting weights for 21 years and I exercise every day.

Perhaps, one day, I will be more experienced.


Are we talking lifting specifically? I sometimes lift as much as 7 days a week, but that’s short periods. My sweet spot seems to be 4 or 5 days, depending what I’m doing.

I try to do some firm of exercise every day all the time, if we’re also including aerobic work in our definition. I won’t count a leisurely stroll, but I’ll definitely count fast walks if there’s hills!

I normally lift weights 5-6 times per wek…sometimes more if I decide to split my work-out into 2 sessions, I normally do cardio every other day roughly.

I almost always do some kind of exercise everdyday, even if all I do is go for a long walk or something low intensity.

Weights 3-4 times a week, cardio separately or together about the same.

I like 4 days a week.

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I exercise “when I can”, but with a totally free schedule I’d exercise in some form 6 days a week, either cardio or conditioning or lifting. How those days break down would depend on the intensity and volume of the lifting.

I “lift” 4 days a week (2 upper, 2 lower), 1 day for conditioning (30-40 min higher intensity), 1 easy day, and 1 off day

  • long walks every day, but those don’t count

Theres been times where all i can do is 2 days a week and theres been times where i can train as much as i want. In general i like lifting 4 or 5 days a week, and incorporate some cardio and flexibility work around that.

5 days/week here.

“Exercise” is a vague term. In terms of a structured lifting session, it would usually be 3, or sometimes 4, days a week and counting both structured conditioning/lifting sessions it would be 6 days a week.

I take one day “off” each week, but don’t necessarily avoid exercise. I may go for a hike, bike several miles, play some sport, etc… but I have no structured “exercise session” planned. For many, they would say that I exercise every day, but I would say I “exercise” 6 days a week.

Probably worth noting, this was likely originally posted in the Darden subgroup and moved because it’s not Darden related.

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At your distances, it sure does.


I typically manage 2-3 days of weights and another 1-2 days of cardio of some sort. My ideal would be 3 days of weights plus 2 days of hard cardio with perhaps a long walk on another day. But, life often interferes.

Lift 4x/wk, rock climbing 2-3x/wk. Don’t have a car, so I go everywhere by bike or foot. So, daily.

7 days a week. I take some time off for vacations, but , even then my GF and I go on hikes and what not. I lift 4 days a week and hike daily(we live in the mountains). I would say I’m only a little above average for a 42 year old dude. I need to work out more imo.

On program I lift 4-5 times a week and recreate in the mountains twice a week.

Off program I lift 2-3 times a week and recreate in the mountains 2-3 times per week.

I don’t count 1 mile dog walks as exercise, though I do that daily.


With my trainees I always begin with the question what’s the minimum days a week that they can actualy show up for training. With that constant I regulate volume and intensity accordingly. I have found that 3 days a week is the best viable option for people with busy lifestyles. As for me, I train as often I can! It just keeps me sane.


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