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How Often Do You Eat Red Meat?


Just curious, how often do you eat red mean, and how much? I'm eating 12 oz. per day for dinner every night, I'm getting further into a cut though, and that'll be down to 8 oz. per day fairly soon. How about the rest of T-Nation?


two or three times a day very lean ground beef 4.oz (this is not all the food that I eat obviously)

I REALLY don't think twice red meat vs. not red meat

Red def tastes much better to me.


every day 4 oz to 15 oz. Top Round. I do this while cutting also.


Never, but I do eat 2lbs of chicken and a pound of fish a day.


That's the cut I eat...love it


I rotate my dinners like this:

Steak, Ground Beef, Chicken

The ground beef leftovers are used for lunch on chicken day. So, I'm pretty much eating beef for at least one a meal a day, every day.


I generally eat red meat two days a week either ground or whole muscle form.

As I usually eat 5 solid meals a day, each of them containing a protein, i may incorporate a 6-8 oz portion of beef in 2 or 3 of those meals.

So...bottom line...4-6 times a week.

The remainder is chicken,turkey,pork,lamb,veal,salmon,eggs.

I'm surrounded by meat 8 hours a day/6 days a week so keeping up with the variety is easy !


Just about every day or so. Never felt better or more energetic since then


I eat grass fed beef as much as i can.


4-5 times a week


8oz of hamburger, 8oz of chicken breast, and 8oz of pork chops every day monday-friday.


Almost every day. As a matter of fact I just finished half of a 2lb top round. The other half is for tomorrow night. Great on the grill or in the slow cooker in the winter. You come home and dinner is waiting.


If we are talking about beef... then at very least once a day. And we are talking 1.5 lbs minimum. I have no idea why would anyone avoid lean beef!!! I consider it a perfect food.


I'd say, 4 times a week


Everyday at least once or twice.


Or 3 times


Pretty much. lol


Most nights as my evening meal - I try to eat 'grass fed' whenever possible, but that stuff can be as expensive as unicorn meat :0) Good quality sirlion is nearly as nice - If you use a thick griddle pan, get it super hot n use coconut oil if needed.

Even when cutting - Beef rocks


Wow...I'm really behind on all this beef eating!

I normally get the luxury of eating red meat 2x a week, yes it's a sad sad world I live in. Usually if I can't get it at the very least organic then I usually don't eat the meat. However, the last month I gave in and started buying conventional beef from Costco. I won't do conventional ground beef though.

This thread is a red meat inspiration...f@ck I'm hungry now.


Almost never, it's probably been a few months since I've had any more than trace amounts. Why? Idk lol I eat 280-310g protein a day right now but I prefer other sources to get it. I'm also poor and BBQless so if those things change I might eat more of it.