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How Often Do You Drink Alcohol?


How often do you guys have a drink? I'm not necessarily talking about getting shin can wasted (although that certainly counts)

I havent been hammered drunk in a couple years but definitely enjoy an adult beverage or two on the reg... what about you guys?

I'm sure this has probably been discussed before but I did a search and went through two pages without finding a thread like this... stopped searching after that


The last time I got shit faced was about 4 months ago, I was slurping jamesons like it was the fountain of youth. I have slowed down quite a bit since my twenties, however I am really into wine (I know I know) and even am part of a wine of the month club, IM FUCKING HARDCORE! So to answer your question I usually have a couple of bottles of wine on the weekend with the wife, if I am going out its usually Jamesons I dont tend to go out more than a few times every couple of months. I probably drink too much wine, but its almost always at home or another's house...not a big fan of beer never really have been.


I was sober for 10 years, but just started again after reading a few pages in the Zercher thread.


I haven't drunk since I was 16. (currently 21)



man that was definitely a problem for me that I am correcting.


I've been getting into wine more and more lately. My fiancee has gotten me into it. At first I didnt like it at all but now I really enjoy some red wine with a nice steak. Its delicious (and not very homo... unless you talk about all the flavors and are super wine snobby. thats totally homo)


I don't like the taste of alcohol and really never have ( I drank a ton in my first 2 years of uni)

Now I only drink 2-4x a year and everytime I get wasted. Funny thing is my tolerance has gone UP with less drinking. Maybe my liver is rarely taxed? I dunno...




lolz. I feel you. I needed a drink after reading through that monstrosity of a thread.


To me drinking alcohol is a lot like going bowling. Fun a few times a year but not something I would like to do every weekend.


Lol, yeah I have finally gotten a bit of a pallet for it and can now tell the differences between certain types of reds, I have really been enjoying Chiraz (or syrah, same grape just different locations) and Malbec's which is awesome with a hearty beef stew,

Uhoh....Ive said too much!


Lately I've been having a couple of glasses of whiskey a night...probably too much, but it seems to help me sleep.


Gregron - Despite the joking on my log, I don't drink at all anymore. And I haven't been really inebriated in many, many years. I do skip right over silly and go straight to very quiet and then sleepy. So NOT the life of the party, just very mellow.


I became a craft drinker a year ago, and I spend, on average, $35 on a given trip to the beer store. That comes out to about 3 bombers (22 oz bottle) and a 4 pack of some belgium beer. I'll drink it all within 2 days then spend the next week fighting the urge to go back for more for my wallet's sake.

And I like to drink by myself.

Edit: And like powerpuff, I also skip funny/more talkative and go to being very solemn and quiet very quickly.


I like that type of wine as well... Its Australian right? (well thats where most of the grapes are from IIRC)

I'm still a whiskey man (if im really partying) but when I'm at home I've been having wine with dinner almost every night


Oh my god, what a bunch of fucking pussies! Wine on the weekends! WALKING VAGINAS!...Just kidding! But seriously, if you're going to drink, craft beer is the way to go. IPA's are my personal preference. I typically have a couple a night.


I usually drink 2-4 beers or shots 1x per week, give or take. I don't obsess about it, one way or the other.


Once a week or so, sometimes more if there are 'special occasions'. I haven't been 'blind' drunk for a few years, and I've swore not to because I generally hate being drunk.

My diet and training has been far below optimal for a few months now. Had some shit to get out the way in life, and I'm slowly getting back on track.


Too much since becoming a single man again, and by that I mean once every 2 weeks or so. Before we're talking 2-4 times in a year outside of wine at family functions. And yea, I fucking love wine. I'm Italian and I'd probably be disowned if I didn't appreciate wine. Beer is just not-so-awful-watery-shit-that-gets-me-drunk, so I tolerate it. You'll never convince me that it tastes good, though.

Anyone else have a taste for expensive liquor? I don't buy anything cheap anymore.


I drink every night, usually half a bottle of wine with dinner, then a cocktail afterwards.

It's become part of my routine whether I'm staying at home and reading, watching TV, or f'in around on the internet. I go out 3-4 nights a week as well, and a couple/three drinks is de rigueur.

Weekends, out with friends and I'll have 7-8 drinks. Ten to twelve if I'm spending time in the bathroom.