How Often Do You Deload on a Blast?

Normally I tend to go 4 or 5 weeks, and then 1 week deload rest week.

On blast, do you guys still follow your normal training regiment or do you extend it a bit? or maybe not rest at all during the peak of your cycle?

I don’t plan to deload ever and try my best not to. Life gets in the way often enough that theres no reason to do it on purpose.

ok well that’s different I guess. if work interferes with a week of the gym then I can see how you don’t need a break .

I’d imagine an incel’s entire life is a deload.


is it possible to avoid bringing off topic bullshit into this thread?



oh right right but make sure that you don’t allow my posts replying to certain ‘protected’ members of the board. Quality modding.

Shit can only be flung one way here folks.

I mean, on the one hand, for sure it’s not related to this topic and would be best addressed in the more directly relevant threads. I’m pretty sure if you talked training more and women-stuff less, you’d drift a bit away from having this following you around.

On the other hand, first impressions are tough to shake. Also, there’s some truth to that old joke about the guy who build houses one brick at a time for 40 years… but there’s one reason they don’t call him a bricklayer.

My training goes in waves, so first week of a new 4 week block is generally pretty easy.

I also, don’t see any reason to schedule deload weeks, as between holidays, vacations, and family stuff, I get those unintentionally.

I suppose if you wake up one day and realize youve been training hard af for like 6 months straight you could take a week off.

That hasn’t happened yet. I think the concept of a deload is a good idea if you are intentionally overtraining.

well, there’s a consensus forming throughout the ‘scientific’ based coaches where you should always take a deload at the end of a training block.

So go ahead and do that for 10 years straight and report back with your findings lol

Well, I also do training for strength, so if I am competing, I take the week before and after a meet off.

All I am saying, is that between the meets, vacations, family stuff, etc, I basically get enough deloads. If I had nothing in life going on, I would perhaps have to schedule deloads.