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How Often Do You Deadlift?


I just started deadlifting on Friday, then again yesterday (Sunday). I started with 95 pounds, then went up to 115. I've seen some threads that recommend spacing them out, but they're referring to people who are doing three times their weight. I don't think someone who's just starting out should be restricted to doing deads less than twice a week. Am I wrong?


I deadlift every 4 days. One day it's SL deadlifts, one day it's standard deadlifts. So I "deadlift" in a pure sense every 8 days.

I used to deadlift 2-3 a week when my life was <300 lbs. Did not cause me issues.

I'll let the experts say what's best for everyone else in general.


it's probably fine. if you did starting strength you'd be alternating deadlifts and power cleans every training session so you'd hit deadlifts three times a fortnight, progressively getting heavier by 5-10 pounds each session, and you'd be squatting 3 times a week. are you following a program for you progression? if not, starting strength or 531 might be good programs to follow (although 531 will have you deadlifting once a week)


Like once a year...


I deadlift on Mondays and Thursdays and it feels great. Currently have no issues with recovery. But I'm only at 225 lbs for five reps, so I'm still not lifting that heavy compared to the other behemoths on this site. I'd say lift as often as you feel right.

I posted a similar thread about this and most of the more experiences guys that posted there recommended that when it starts messing with your recovery or other lifts, diminish the frequency, but that'll probably be your call.

Stay strong!


Why do you think that?

Generally, when you work an exercise with higher frequency, you'll want to change either the volume (sets/reps) or intensity (how heavy you're going) in each session. Of course, it also depends a lot on the rest of the weekly schedule and your overall goals.


Are you a man, woman, or none of the above? Men can usually deadlift 2x per week up to around 400lbs.


depends on your own recovery abilities, and what else youre doing in a weeks worth of training


It depends as much on how hard you are pushing it as anything else. I could deadlift twice a day 7 days a week and be fine if I stick with the pink dumbbells.

Everyone is different in recovery. You just have to learn for yourself. Keep an eye on your performance, chronic aches and pains, and back off if you need to.


ashylarryku on this site pulls close to 400 for reps every day. The ability to recover can be trained.


I RM whenever I need a ego boost or let a lot of anger out. So rarely.

You should be able to dead every week.


this, and what caveman said.

if I deadlifted more than once a week, either my rows or my squats would be affected with my current split.

for me, deadlifting more than once a week would require shuffling things around a bit, and probably eating more depending on the type of work done.

if your other lifts are still going up and you're progressing towards your physique goal (if you have one), then you're fine for now.

your body and the weight on the bar for your deadlift and other lifts will tell you when to back off.


At least once a week. More if I do speed deads or a deadlift variant. My dead is in the mid 500s.


Tuesday 5pm HEAVY and then again LITE on friday 6am. Gives me enough time to recover. Dead has gone up 70# in a year being very inconsistent first year back. This will be resolved during this year. Consistancy counts !


How hard are you pushing yourself? I ask because when i first started about 8 months ago i did the first few sessions with 135-185 wanted to make sure my form was right and for me it wasnt bad at all. I didn't have any soreness. However once i was confident in my form i decided to bump the weight up. I will never forget it I did 5 sets of 5 with 225 and my back ached for 2 WEEKS i didnt even want to think of picking up a bar lol. Ever since then whenever i go all out like that i can only deadlift about every 2 weeks. So my point is i think it may depend on how hard your pushing yourself. Although wanna let you know im just going by personal experience i have only been training about 11 months so take what i say with a grain of salt lol