How Often Do You Change Program?

…Or make alterations?

Came to think about this, as I recently shifted my individialized Darden routine against Fortitude Training - again. It seems I’m changing programs every third month because of a tendency closing in on a plateau (adaptation), having made minor alterations along the way.

What are your thoughts on this? Any good/bad experiences? For how long is it possible to maintain development on a routine? What is a too short period running a program?

I like 6 week training blocks. 6 weeks on, deload, 6 weeks.

So far, I’m finding a 12 week focus on one particular physical quality to work well as a limit. I did 26 weeks of weight gain and it was rough on the body. 12 weeks gaining, 6 weeks of a break, back to gaining seems to be working well for me.