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How Often Do I Switch Drawing Pin?


i know tons of people do something like draw with a 20g pin and inject with a 25g.

my question is how often do you switch out the 20g that you draw with.

last cycle i used the same one for weeks. before i would put it away i would swab the pin and underneath (where it screws into the syringe) and do the same before i used it again next time.


I am probably not the best to answer but why risking any infection ? pins are not expensive and, ho, If I draw with a 20g, I inject with the same...


My cost for 18g x 1.5' needles is $0.07 each. I would not risk infection for such a marginal cost savings.



balls. looks like i should have ordered more needles lol ill have to get more.


Every time!!!!