How Often Do I Do Blood Work on TRT?

Hey guys, this is my first post here on T-Nation. I can’t believe I am finally doing this!

I am 28, 5’ 11" been training for about 9 years and am 195lb right now. 3 months ago I had blood work done for the first time (lol) and realized my natural testosterone level came back pretty low for my age… around 350ish.

After months of research and consideration, I ended up deciding to start TRT. I had no difficulty in getting prescribed out here in Los Angeles as when I had my consultation, i didn’t realize how bad my libido actually WAS until I was saying it out loud to the doctor. I have been with my partner for many years but the last 1-2 in particular, I noticed my sex drive has been spiraling down a black hole. I have an extremely high pressure job as well as having been in high stress environments many years of my life as a harvard grad, which has really impacted my cortisol and overall hormone distribution.

Today is my fourth day on TRT. I have to say so far I’m VERY surprised at how much of a positive impact it’s had already. I’m currently on a gentle lean bulk (a tad over maintenance, carb cycling etc.) The other day I woke up and couldn’t believe what a raging erection I had? I can’t remember the last time i woke up with morning wood.

I guess as a new trt-comer, my question is… how often should I do blood work and how long should i wait to get a new test done? I really want to make sure that my levels are not crazy high, but also, not crazy low under my target. Hoping to get into that 1000-1100 sweet spot.

Eventually I would love to blast for the first time (thinking maybe around the 5-6 month mark when i’m more comfortable with this new normal), but for now, I just want to make sure I’m maximizing my potential with TRT safely.

Any thoughts and feedback much appreciated!

I’d check testosterone, estradiol and CBC six weeks after starting. Every six months after established.

Didn’t your doctor take care of this?


My immediate thoughts as well. Also TRT at 29 after one lab pull? With no lifestyle adjustments? Sheesh….

Thank you I appreciate it! I have a check up in two weeks but was just curious ahead of that just in case.

Hey @blshaw thanks for the reply man. I had a few consultations and went to several doctors before making the decision and I desperately tried everything before resulting to TRT sadly… I always make sure I get enough hours sleep, training is on point, nutrition is tracked meticulously-- I tried various supplements like ashwagandha to boost things too, but my body just didn’t respond to it.

I definitely know I should have done more labwork hence why I am asking now welp!

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Curious why you keep referencing Total Test then… Free Test is the one that counts.

Anyways, first labs after natty baseline should be around month 3. If doing well (meaning no adjustments needed), then probably every 6 months.

You’re quite early on to form any real opinions on TRT, but I’m glad you’re happy with your choice.

It may be worth your time to make a TRT Diary if you have trouble getting dialed in. Some start a protocol and are fine to continue as-is, you won’t know if this is you for a little bit, but keep it in mind.

Oh, and welcome to the forums!

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A checkup related to starting TRT is a little too soon as far as testing Total T, Free T and CBC markers.

Perfect thank you so much for your advice! I definitely am happy with my choice so far, in just this short amount of time I am really noticing improved mood, workouts etc.

Love the idea of a TRT diary that’s fantastic-- Will definitely be tracking how it’s going for the first year! Also thanks for the warm welcome!

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Right! Ok glad to hear because that was my suspicion. This check in is just going to be more a holistic/mood/response type of thing as I was quite nervous of how my body was going to respond to it but so far so good :slight_smile: