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How Obvious Is It That You Use?


How obvious is it that you're on steroids when you're say a cycle of test enanthate at 500mg per week for 10 weeks? Is it insanely obvious?


from about week 3 the smell can get pretty intense. If you get too close to anyone, they'll know for sure.


...the fuck?


What? Why would you even post something that isn't contributing at all?

I'm asking because I train under a well known guy who is against steroid usage and wouldn't want him to know.


I believe what Bone is trying to get across is the wording is a bit odd. Steroids don't stand out like crank or heroine. other than bumps and the occasional sore quad or delt, it should not be painfully obvious.

Of course Bone, if I'm putting the wrong words in your mouth, let me know. I had your same reaction...


I wouldnt even know where to start. But thats one way to do it.

OP are you asking if there are physical manifestations of steroid use?

Um yes. Rapid muscle gain and/or rapid fat loss, depending on your training level. Rapid strength gains, depending on your training level.

Hair loss, if youre susceptible. Acne, if youre prone. Gyno, if youre retarded.

Or were you looking for a "on a scale of 1-Ronnie Coleman" sort of thing?

Or maybe you havent considered that there are boat loads of guys who use but youd think they barely lift. And what about the naturals who are 95th percentile of best physique in the gym.

Youre question is dumb and unansweable.


I'm just asking if it's going to be incredibly obvious that I'm using. Why is that such a dumb question?


Heres your answer.




now look up the word 'variable' and apply its plural form to this discussion. Thats the reason for my answer.


On a more constructive note, if you're trying to hide use, it depends on how much the other guy knows about you, steroids, and sides. But unless he's as close as a brother and has first-hand experience with them (and even then), yes, it's possible to hide use.

Hope that helps but really, Bonez hit the nail on the head. There are WAY too many variables. He has a unique way of wording things...


Your question does come off a bit naive and I can understand Bonez frustration/response...

Alas, with all the variables, who knows right?

You see this person 3-5days a week, yes? Someone who sees you day in and day out, for a couple hrs is less apt to notice the physical changes... But he may notice your lifts all of a sudden jumping up, or an overall performance enhancement.

It really is a shit question.

But yes, for people who have used steroids or are educated and have a keen eye often times are pretty accurate at identifying someone on aas. Of course it is opinion and conjecture so without verification who knows...

And really, who gives a fuck if he is against it? If he doesn't want to use them, dont use them. If he wouldn't lift with you because your on them, well, it is your loss and his.


Very well said. He can suspect you all he wants but there'll never be complete proof, short of him seeing your balls and a needle falls out've your gym bag. There's always that...


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Haha! I guess I should've read my post after typing it rather than just submitting right away. Hindsight is always 20/20...


First off-I don't use steroids, but I'm not ignorant to them either. I would use them in a heartbeat (smartly of course) if I was in a situation that allowed me to do so, but I'm just not. Having said that...

In addition to what's been said I would ask how long you've been training with this guy? If it's been any length of time that he's seen what kind of progress you generally make, then your progress all of a sudden takes off, I'd say he might take note. You said he's fairly well-known, which I gather means he's good at what he does.

With his views of being against steroids perhaps he's built a reputation of delivering results with proper training/nutrition, therefore would want to risk that by having trainees that he feels are "obviously" on steroids which could possibly make others question the results of other clients, or even assume that the steroids were his idea- which could turn some clients off.

You just really need to consider both sides of this- how important is it to you to use steroids vs how important is it to you to continue training with him? Is it possible that you could just be up front with him about the usage- I understand he's against them, but does that mean he won't work with you?

As Bonez said there's really too many variables for anyone to give you a certain answer. I think you are best making your decision to use them or not based on whether or not you can accept him knowing or not.





Meh, you're question wasn't that outrageous. There can be reasons for using AAS to push past plateaus while also keeping things secret from everyone around you. I'm a member of a profession that I won't name, but suffice it to say I'd be sanctioned heavily for illicit drug use. I also have clients that I've met in the gym who think that any substance use is horrible. These people have, in some cases, seen me there since the 90's, so they know that I'm big, but still, if I'm on a heavy cycle, my shoulders and traps grow so disproportionately that I can't wear a tank top without attracting a lot of attention. My silly 0.02.

Bottom line, yes, your trainer will figure it out at some point in time.


OP, why worry about what other people think? Granted, AAS is guaranteed to bring you some unwanted attention, and success in the gym-whether it's AAS related or 'natural', irrespective of hard work-will get you plenty of vitriolic comments, you can bet dollars for donuts on that.

I used to be worried about 'looking' like an AAS user, obviously no one, or I would imagine most people don't want their families to know-my mum thinks steroids automatically make men raging raping psychopaths. I use AAS, ad whilst i certainly don't look like a bodybuilder my peers have seen me grow from (an underweight) 155LB to (at my biggest and leanest) 230LB, which at 6.2 isn't particularly impressive but is certainly a significant change, which has brought me plenty of vitriolic comments from people who I would have expected more positive feedback from. Understand: when people see you progressing in life-at anything-they become jealous, of your success, your work ethic, your self discipline-whatever. And just to clear up any concerns or misunderstandings, no one 'gets too big' by accident, when you do your first cycle, you'll be impressed with the results if you do everything your supposed to do, but you'll also realize how hard the pro's need to work and what they have to do to get to where they are, like I said it's not an accident.

The point I want to make, is that whilst you shouldn't use AAS unless 'your ready' (Disclaimer: Read steroid newbie thread and other stickies before using any AAS, then post proposed cycle for advice and critique) you sound like you want to use, and if you do, it must be your choice, no one else's. So, why not do something you want to do to keep your workout partner happy? Start thinking for yourself, if he changed his attitude towards steroids, would you be like 'wow, great, I'm allowed to use now!'

Good luck...


You were 155lbs at 6'2"? They should've put you on gear well before that due to being anemic.




Defiecient in iron? hahaha

either a typo or very clever