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How Not To Overtrain and Avoid Injury

I just started boxing this week and I’m hooked. I thought it would be a good idea for the beginners to read some of the “secrets” advance combat athletes use to not over-train, at least in the start.

Here is what I did this week and plan on doing for the next few weeks:

rope jump
heavy bag
speed bag
shadow boxing


Wed:AM=roadwork PM=BOXING

roadwork consisted of running for 4 minutes and resting for 1 minute 4 times, so pretty much 4 rounds of four minutes.

The intensity here was not as high as Friday since I ran in the track outside.


Friday:Roadwork and body weight exercises

ran on the treadmill at 8-10mph 4 rounds of 4 minutes with one minute rest.

As many push ups and BW squads as possible in 4 minutes, rest for one minute.

Sataurday: Boxing


For the Friday workout I’m looking to progress by running more distance in the same amount of time, so if I ran 2.5 miles in 20 minutes I would want to try and get to 3 miles in 20 minutes next friday.

As for the BW exercises: more push-ups and squats than the previous week in the same amount of time.

People just skip right over the MMA Training Hub huh?

Must be invisible to communists.

Irish you are the meng.

I tried searching and didn’t find anything so what the hell do I do? I ask. Anyways I am now reading the MMA Training Hub.

search more there is a great recovery thread
on like page 24.

periodize your training for start
cycle your strength work and your other work
to not conflict.

If you have to give up days technique work is not to be abandoned.

use your cardio for recovery being more active will

If you get too beat up take a day off.

ice baths ice buckets ice packs, rest,

more protein, naps more carbs epsom salt baths.

foam roll stretch yoga get a massage 1x a month

there you have it