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How NOT to Mug Someone


This is awesome. A mugger gets choked out with a sleeper hold- excuse me, now its known as a "Standing Rear Naked Choke".

The best part is the mugger falls backward, then to one knee and at that point the supposed victim starts finishing him off, shaking him left to right until the guy finally collapses just like Greg Valentine and Roddy Piper used to do. And you thought rasslin' was fake...



What was with the second guy coming in and trying to mix it up afterwards?


the kid who did the beating probably trained for functional strength. As it showed in this video it really works


So you think he did a bunch of bosu squats and hi-low chops on the cable? Ha. You gotta be a little careful, as that's what a lot of people think when they hear someone say 'functional training.'


he was a lookout.


he was most likely a lookout guy.