How Much Zinc is Too Much?

Curious here. I’ve seen some people say take 100mg/day for 2 weeks and then cut to 50.

I’ve seen people say just stick to a multi and ZMA.


Anyway to determine if you’re to high in Zinc?

I wouldn’t go more than 300 milligrams a day. A well rounded diet should provide enough zinc.

if u get the runs or feel sick in the gut its too much according to the label

1kg would be bad.


I’m upping my dose…I eat a balanced diet…veggies n shit, fruit few times a day…whatever
I take 50mg before I go to bed of zinc…and 300mg…I also take one multivitmin…but I’m bumpin it up to 2 multivitamins a day and 1 zinc 50mg
so it’ll probably be around 100-125mg a day now
plus food…I’m testin it and see how I feel. Also how hard I’m training too

just eat some foods that have copper in them, like brazil nuts or shellfish. copper and zinc compete for absorbtion. i would keep it around 75mg a day. that should be more than enough

Yeah. Right now I’m taking in 10mg with my multi in the AM, 40mg before bed in the ZMA.

So 50mg supplemented and around 25oz of red meat on most days which is about another 30mg.

Thinking of upping it over 100mg, maybe even 125mg see what happens.

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I take 50mg with breakfast and 50mg before bed.