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How Much Zinc and Magnessium


how much should one be getting a day. I am taking Elite Pro mineral muscle. do i need more zinc in the morning as stand alone?


Eat vegetables, seafood, whole grains, beef, and nuts, and drink some coffee and tea, and you'll be set. No need for supplementation.


You do not need more zinc, too much interferes with the absorption of copper, i take 500mg of magnesium daily with my vitamin d, if your taking the full dose of EP MM your covered on both.


Most/many people who exercise hard need more zinc but no way to tell really without testing. that's why patrick arnold got a patent on ZMA. If it had been BS, nobody would have made knockoff ZMA. That's true about copper but in higher doses. A little extra zinc, like 100% RDA, wouldn't likely hurt copper status. They do have zinc products with a little extra copper like jarrows zinc balance.


I'm not sure about zinc but for magnesium I've read that the amount can depend upon the type taken. For example: