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How Much Ya Bench?

Some classic SNL at its best, i had a good laugh when seeing this. reminds me of what lifting is all about>> beaten people and steroids


Emilo: “Hey, man, it’s just a sketch.”

Sheen: “Yeah? Well, it’s just a beating! Get ready for it!”

Balbos dont like it.

Love Farley’s little legs kicking about, just like half the dudes at my gym.


Farley was awesome. And whatever happened to Emilio Estevez? I can’t remember the last movie he made (Mighty Ducks?).

I occasionally see Emilio’s name in the credits as a writer, or producer or something on TV.

Adam Sandler was the best :

“To be honest I would like to give him a savage beating. The kind of beating that would make the cops say ‘what kind of animal would do this to another human being?’”


If someone knows how to embed that please do.

You know, I don’t why I reposted the same video that the OP did.

Uhm. Wow. I like this video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbVVcCDxawA&feature=related, in the related videos section.

That was great!

what i noticed was funny was that david spade’s legs are the only real ones!