How Much Workload in Your Rutine?

Just out of curiosity… what average workload (sum of weight x reps for all exercises) do you guys hit per week? And at what S/BP/DL weight?

Counted mine up recently and I seem to hit 5,000 - 10,000 kg per workout, which probably is about 20,000 - 25,000 kg per week on average. I’ve read in different places that some guys hit 50,000 - 85,000 kg per week, and guys with higher WL seem to put up higher numbers.

The last time I specifically tracked those numbers was in the spring/summer of 2013. I turned 50 that summer, weighed about 210 lbs. and it was my 27th year of training. I didn’t use SQ/BB/DL exclusively during this run; but was a competitive powerlifter throughout the 90’s and have above average numbers in the SQ & DL, and an adequate BP.

131,490-123.3-1,066-149 min.
152,270-124.7-1,221-212 min.
156,260-120.3-1,299-210 min.
160,080-129.7-1,234-208 min.
150,920-148.4-1,017-206 min.
174,895-149.7-1,168-204 min
157,490-145.6-1,082-201 min.

I just did a quick check and anywhere between 20,000 and 45,000 kg per week depending how many days I train.

Per day s/bp/dl account the the greatest proportion of that volume.

If you mean my own max lifts:

at 88.1 kg:

Squat 210 kg (wraps), haven’t tested sleeves max in a while but probably around 195 kg (I’ve hit singles at 187.5 kg and felt comfortable)
Bench press 115 kg (with lift out), 110 kg (no lift out), both with pause at top and bottom
Deadlift 227.5 kg