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How Much Will I Keep from First Cycle?


Just finishing my first cycle of Test c 300mg week and dbol 20mg ED. added about 18 lbs. Cycle went smooth minimal side effects with insane strength gains. i wanted to ask how much of that is water weight and how much will i be able to keep from that cycle? Will have PCT, diet and training on point after cycle.

The dbol weight will come off very fast. If your goal was to gain as much mass as possible then I recommend you continue eating as you did on cycle and training as such. You will be less motivated and less hungry but try to cling to every lb you can for as long as you can. Don’t jump right into a cut of any kind. Nobody can tell you how much you will keep but a I would guess around 50%.


Thank you very much for replying. Should i keep lifting at the same weights and volume or should i lower?

My coach always says you “you train what you can recover from”. So if you can continue training the way you were with adequate recovery to keep building in the next training day, then go for it. If you’re constantly feeling sluggish/sore/tired, then you probably need to dial it back some


What does your bridge and PCT look like? That also determines a portion of what you keep.

Keep lifting the same pace so long as you can do so. Your strength will drop but lift with the same intensity is what I am trying to say. Your genetics, length of cycle, baseline before starting cycle etc have a lot to do with it. If you were below your genetic potential by a good margin you will keep more gains than if you were peaked IMO. But you still have to put the same level of work in to maintain as much as possible.

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I have 4 weeks to go on test. Pct will be nolva, clomid and hcg. Will also start taking creatine after cycle is finished. What do you mean by bridge?

Creatine will make you grow more


You need around 4 weeks from your last test pin to starting PCT. If you still have exogenous test floating around it will “override” your attempt to restart natural production. So for 4 weeks you take nothing, you are not anabolic and then transition into PCT with very low test level which may take up to 3 months to fully recover. A lot of possible gains/keeping gains is lost there. I always say a cycle is the time on plus bridge plus PCT. so 20 weeks for example. All elements of the cycle contribute to gains and retaining them. Good luck.

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Probably more anabolic than natty for the first two weeks without any injections.

Some people bridge between the cycle and PCT using fast acting and clearing orals. So you could stop the test, but continue with Dbol up until about 2 days before PCT. Problem is, it seems you have been running Dbol for a while, and it isn’t a great idea to run orals for extended periods.

Ran dbol for 8 weeks total. Okay i see now. Thanks

Could SARMS, help me keep muscle? And which then?

I’ve not got much experience with them to be honest. Used LGD once and didn’t like it. I suppose you could but have to ask why? If you’re on cycle why not maximize it. HCG is also an option for the 4 weeks. Or an oral like anavar. Not sure what your oral use has been.

I agree. Thing is, for the next 2 weeks and following month or so you’re chasing the curve. People don’t plan the bridge properly and it can be used to their advantage. I’d rather have 4 weeks maximized than just letting my levels taper off. In for a penny, in for a pound I guess.

Please lay out your pct plan, week by week.

Cycle wasn’t heavy
Test c 300mg for 16 weeks
And dbol for 8 at 20mg

My PCT will be following
Creatine after last shot
Starting 3 weeks after last shot
1-2w 40mg nolva, 50mg clomid
2-4 20mg nolva, 25mg clomid
Hcg for 3 weeks and 1500iu per week starting after last shot.

I wast thinking more like after cycle something to help with keeping gains and not mess with testosterone. For example cardarine. Perhaps that’s not sarm.

Oh ok. I can’t really comment on sarms, I don’t have enough experience. Not to sound like a broken record but focus on getting the full cycle and PCT right. I’m not going to answer for @iron_yuppie but your PCT needs to change. See what he advises.

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Alright. Thanks. I am more than happy listening to your idea of good Pct.

Do you have bloods for IGF-1? If that is a bit low, you could go down the route of MK-677 to improve GH and IGF-1. MK will not impact testosterone recovery, and is pretty safe (TRT clinics are prescribing it now). Some people use this in between cycles for the specific reason of it not impacting testosterone production, and helping keep the muscle on or building it.

I don’t know enough about cardarine to comment on if it would be good to use in your situation. Not sure if it impacts testosterone production. I do know most like it, and it is good for cardio.

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