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How Much Will Blood Pressure Increase on Test E?

How much would 500mg of test E a week normally cause blood pressure to rise?

I know there’s not a “correct” answer to this, just kinda looking for an average.

My BP never changed on anything but MENT. Some guys get high BP on test only. Buy a good monitor (Omron) and keep an eye on it. Otherwise you can’t know these things ex ante, so you’ll find out when you get there.


My blood pressure goes up if I exceed my TRT dose of 125mg of T per week. But it is not linear.
A good pressure for me is 120/70 If I run my T dose up to 150 my BP will increase to ~130/80 when I blast 500mg/week my pressure might go up to 145/85
I always have 2mg Doxazosin for BP I like to stay below 130/80 you can also add a low dose of cialis the pair makes a great vasodilator.

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